Sunday, January 18, 2009

THE FOUR IMMEASURABLES QUALITIES OF A LEADER. Bringing the Principles of Buddha into the Workplace to cultivate Lasting Success.

The following Four Immeasurables Qualities generates a genuine ability to soften and broaden your view about your place in the world, and therefore reflect the Buddha nature.
These four qualities can serve as your nonnegotiables and are the core of your mission.

Loving Kindness
When we relate to our self or another person from a place of loving kindness, we ask for happiness to surround them and us. The loving kindness practice affirms: "May all beings enjoy happiness and the root of happiness."
When we consciously declare thoughts of loving kindness, we connect with our authentic self to cultivate that success and happiness. In the business model, this quality requires that we work with a positive intention to serve ourselves and others in the organization ethically, generously, and with kindness. In situations that involve negotiations, loving kindness takes off the edge of aggression and clears the way for open communications.

Compassion is the conduit to increasing the growth of your organization and for impacting the world. The basis of compassion is to stay open enough to feel the pain or needs of others, which expands your view beyond your personalized, absorbed self.
When you access your compassion, you communicate from the heart, and that communication transcends the borders of hierarchy and position to allow for the flow of effortless creativity. As you write your mission statement with a mindset of compassion, you can see how your efforts in human resources, sales, research and development, customer service, and so on contribute to the health of your organization and the world at large.
When a mission statement demonstrates compassion, a natural cycle of prosperity is created. The CEO and board direct the organization with values and genuine caring, which in turn motivates the employees and enhances productivity and which ultimately increases profitability and growth. This cycle of management by compassion then flows full circle back to the shareholders, CEO, and board.

When you practice a joyful mindset, you delight in the happiness and success of others and eliminate the need or temptation for jealousy and aggression. Joy promotes a vibrant work culture internally and externally. When you and your organization practice joy, you ask that, "all beings not be separated from their own happiness, free from suffering."
In this sense, the mission and values of the organization acknowledge a goal to enjoy prosperity and success and to use the benefits of that success responsibly and with integrity. Thus, this practice guards against the risk of the inappropriate use of profits, pension plans, and other improprieties that would negatively affect the employees, management, and shareholders of a corporation.

Equanimity allows us to accept the good and the bad in all situations; having the peace of mind that everything is workable. When managers engage the quality of equanimity, they establish a motivated work environment that engages everyone in their department or company. Equanimity also provides a workplace free of prejudice or discrimination, and this freedom encourages open-minded thinking and cultivates innovation.
In this practice we ask that, "all beings dwell in equanimity free from passion, aggression, and prejudice." Equanimity is an essential condition of a values-driven mission. It expands the possibility for growth and opens the doorway to attracting new talent and knowledge that will be recycled into the organization.


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  1. Excellent tips. But are you suggesting that anger should not form part of a managers responses. Sometimes one needs to be stern? Do you think a manager with just these qualities will be effective?


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