Thursday, January 29, 2009

Basic Guide for choosing Student Credit Cards.

Tuition and study-related costs are rising, and the pool of grants and subsidized loans doesn't always keep pace. Students are increasingly relying on a burgeoning market in private bank loans and credit cards to finance their study-related expenses. It is easy for students to get credit cards nowadays due to their limited/no credit history and aggresive marketing by financial institutions.

To avoid the trap of bad credit card debts, students must build their financial plan, have the discipline of clearing the bills FULLY and ON TIME, and spending responsibly. Do not spend on everything unless you are able to pay it off each and every month. Don't fall into the minimum payment trap. If you just pay the minimum due on credit card bills, you are just barely covering the interest you owe, and little on the principal. It will take years to pay off your balance, and potentially you'll end up spending thousands of dollars more than the original amount you charged. Handle your student credit card with respect and thoughtfulness.

Choosing the right credit card to finance your study-related needs require careful consideration. Different credit cards have different Benefits, Rewards Program, and Perks, Fees, Interest Rates, Customer Service, etc. If you are looking for student credit card, take a look at They provide information and tips for selecting right credit cards for students. They have Top 3 Best Student Credit Card Offers for quick comparison. I like their credit education blog that offer many information on credit facts, credit card pitfalls and advice. I think they need to expand their limited credit card pools to give reader better options to choose from.

Always remember to use your credit card responsibly and pay promptly.

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