Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Organize and Decorate Your kitchen in Style and Elegance with Enclume

Do you have limited kitchen space to store your kitchen essentials? Or do you want to organize your cookwares in a single, convenient, easy to reach location with the touch of style and elegance? You can design your kitchen with space-saving storage technique by placing pots, pans and other kitchen essentials on ceiling/wall mounted potracks. Pot racks offer a place to put your cookwares without taking up valuable cabinet space. Importantly, Enclume Pot racks provide the ideal storage solution for small kitchens.

Enclume offers wide selection of products to finish your kitchen in style, ranging from Hanging Pot Racks, Lighted Pot Racks, Wall Mount Pot Racks, Freestanding Pot Racks, Pot Rack Accessories, Finishing Touches, Kitchen Furniture, Wine Racks, Fireplace and Hearth Accessories. They offer the perfect balance of style, quality, great functionality and affordability.

Ceiling mounted pot racks give you easy and convenient storage that is out of the way but not out of reach. When hanging a rack from the ceiling is not an option, you can have another option with wall mounted racks. The modern design allows pans and pots to be hung along the front bar and on the sides.

Enclume is the premier manufacturer of cookware storage racks ("pot racks") for the kitchen since 1973. Enclume Pot rack set the standards for quality, design, function, and strength. Their craftsmanship and design approach are favored by most gourmet chefs. Their sturdy, stylish hanging racks are hand-made by skilled craftsmen with superior construction that gives optimum durability and strength, yet lighter in weight. Its scratch-resistant finished products requires very little maintenance and easy to assemble. Embrace great design and functionality with space-conscious Pot racks that embodies strength and beauty. With classic designs and timeless styles, Enclume potracks are a beautiful way to display your cookware.

For a Limited Time, you will receive a $25.00 Gift Certificate for every order that is good for use at any of the 250 Mr. Handyman Locations (North America’s #1 handyman company) around the US and Canada.

Good Points:
Huge Selection of High Quality, Stylish potracks
Handmade by skilled craftsmen
5 Year warranty on workmanship



  1. I prefer to have wall mounted racks...though ceiling mounted ones can have more slots for hanging objects.

  2. I am also looking for great ideas to set up my kitchen. I think, these are some good ideas for me.

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