Sunday, March 15, 2009

Critical Success Factors for Optimizing Value-Added Business. Use it to adresss the Root Causes of IT Projects Failures.

Critical Success Factors for Optimizing Value-Added Business

Improving value-add to the business can typically best be achieved by focusing practice effectiveness improvements on:
 Optimizing IT function alignment: optimizing the strategic alignment of the IT function with the business it serves (so they share common commercial goals).
 Optimizing competitive advantage: optimizing the identification of IT opportunities that will yield the highest business competitive advantage.
 Optimizing portfolio alignment: optimizing the alignment between the products of the IT function and the priority needs of the business units that they support (so they facilitate the business unit achieving its commercial goals).
 Optimizing portfolio value: optimizing the value (alignment/cost/benefit/risk) of the planned project portfolio.
 Optimizing value delivery: sustaining the value-adding imperative throughout the process of developing projects in the portfolio.
 Optimizing benefits realization: optimizing the realization of promised project benefits.

Use the above approach to address the most common root causes of IT Projects Failures:
 lack of senior management commitment [IT governance];
 unrealistic business case [Optimizing value delivery];
 failure to define clear benefits [Optimizing value delivery];
 failure to break complex projects into smaller projects [Optimizing value delivery];
 poor project management, planning and execution [Optimizing value delivery];
 poor change control [Optimizing value delivery];
 failure to undertake project reviews and take decisive action [Optimizing value delivery];
 inadequate user training [Optimizing benefits realization];
 failure to measure benefits delivered [Optimizing benefits realization].



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