Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Five Critical Success Factors and Top Ten Strategies for IT Transformation

Learn to Think Differently
It's so easy to fall into old, comfortable habits. There are six mindset and behavioral changes that must precede a successful leadership transformation:
Mindset Change 1: Force Yourself to Plan and Think of the Big Picture
Mindset Change 2: Adopt a Proactive Approach
Mindset Change 3: Resist the Temptation to Delve into Tactics
Mindset Change 4: Be Candid with Yourself and Others
Mindset Change 5: Prepare for and Embrace Change
Mindset Change 6: Anticipate, Understand, Respect and Work through Complexities

Five Critical Success Factors That Enable IT Organizational Excellence
1 Leadership: Lead by Positively Influencing and Inspiring Others
2 Strategy: Establish the Right Winning "Game Plan" for Your Organization
3 People: Hire and Professionally Develop Your Winning Team
4 Best Practices: Leverage IT Best Practices Right-Sized for Your Organization
Some best practice programs include:
 Business and Technology Plan Alignment
 Client Relationship Management
 Business Needs Assessment
 Performance Scorecards and Measurements
 Portfolio Management
 Project Management Office
 Risk Management
 Organization Change Management
 Business Case Development
 Selective Outsourcing
 Problem and Change Management
 Service Level Management
 Financial Management
 Vendor Management
5 Execution: Translate Your Strategy, Goals and Initiatives into Specific Action Plans That Deliver Measurable Results

Top Ten Leadership Strategies for Transforming Your IT Team
10. Prioritize time investment to deliver optimal results.
9. Build solid client relationships and strategies.
8. Effectively navigate politics and executive team dynamics.
7. Keep abreast of technology and business trends.
6. Think strategically while balancing tactics.
5. Align with the business.
4. Focus on results.
3. Keep promises.
2. Be resilient and effective under pressure.
1. Build trusting relationships.



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