Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thinking On Purpose by choosing the Right Mindset. Adopt Structured Thinking that Enhance your Thinking Process.

Evolution endowed us with a powerful, but manifestly automatic thinking process, in which our mindsets are created based on reactions to and interpretations of past experiences. Mindsets drive behavior; behavior drives performance; performance drives results. Therefore, poor mindsets lead to poor results.

Thinking On Purpose is about outsmarting evolution and choosing the right mindset so that you can enhance your thinking process and maximize your result—no matter what you're doing.

Imagine for a moment how much more fun your job as a manager would be if you were confident in your ability to clearly see the root cause of every problem.
Imagine how much more enjoyable your work would be if you had an effective method for identifying problems before they were problems. And imagine how much easier you and your team would have it if you knew precisely where to start looking for solutions, options, and alternatives, no matter what situation you faced.
I believe that insight and foresight are skills we all possess to some degree, and all it takes is a little prodding, some information about how our brains are wired and a little structure to bring these innate skills to life. The key here is structure. Our brains, if left to their own devices without any sort of imposed, structured thinking, will automatically nudge us into taking intuitive, gut-reaction, seat-of-the-pants approaches. On the other hand, we don't always have the luxury of a completely structured approach, which is where the development of experience-based insight comes into play. The secret is to continually operate between these two polar opposites—intuitive versus structured thinking—based on the situation at hand and the time, people and resources, we have available to deal with it.

Thinking On Purpose
To become more purposeful in your actions, and to expand your insight and foresight, you need to do less of your thinking on autopilot and more of your thinking on purpose.

Thinking On Purpose involves a series of specific and deliberate steps:
    Frame Your Purpose, so that you know exactly what you are trying to accomplish and why.
    Qualify Your Information, so that you can distinguish between fact, fiction, and everything in between.
    Identify Your Mindsets, so that you know what types of automatic thinking may be in play and how to deal with them.
    Structure Your Thinking, so that you can escape the gravitational pull of autopilot thinking.
    Validate Your Outcome, so that activity and effort are rewarded with achievement of a goal.



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