Thursday, March 4, 2010

Entertaining and creative musical comedy extravaganza

Do you like to watch an entertaining and creative musical comedy extravaganza in New York City? LMAO Off-Broadway is a hilarious interactive musical comedy revue running at the newly renovated 200-seat Midtown Theater in Times Square. The cast of LMAO delivers great amusement and hilarious laughter for audiences of all ages through its original song and sketch comedy. With sharp wit and improvisation, the cast adjusts to a dizzying mix of challenges from the audience including original skits and musicals made up from scratch, complete with spot on rhythm and rhymes. It is recommended for ages 6 and up.

This musical comedy brought something fresh, new and personal entertainment. I praise the performers (Walt Frasier, Spero Chumas, Laurice Fattal & Guest Artists) for putting on a fantastic show every night without a script and using only the ideas of the audience created on the spot. The actors were able to create some funny stuff on the spot that appealed to both the mature and young people in the crowd. They consistently perform good shows for both small and large audiences. What is enjoyable about the show is that players all have really good chemistry onstage with each another. Not only did the actors have great voices and harmony, they actually rhymed. I give them a lot of credit for being able to keep the show funny without using any profanity or distasteful jokes. I'm also impressed with the talents and singing ability of the players. Best thing is that the subject matter changes daily. The overall spirit engendered by the LMAO musical comedy were breezy, energetic, creative.

If you are looking for a hilarious fun that will make you laugh then don't miss this show! L M A O (Laughing My Ass Off).

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