Monday, March 8, 2010

Seven business programs that constitute The Best Practices Enterprise philosophy

How does a company position itself to respond to the changes that the new era holds in store? Certainly, an attempt can be made to define the next “big thing.” Yet, if that attempt fails, and most of the time such attempts do fail, the value that stockholders seek will not be delivered. Instead, why not return focus to the fundamentals, much like a slumping athlete would when trying to return to worldclass form?

By embracing what might be called a Best Practices Enterprise philosophy that focuses attention on sound fundamentals, businesses can begin to introduce new programs, and extend existing programs, that position them to be nimble and quick while still growing and evolving into broad-reaching and highly profitable organizations.

The seven business programs that constitute The Best Practices Enterprise philosophy include:
    Program-centric strategic planning
    Resilient IT architecture design
    Results-focused communications
    Portfolio-based project management
    Uninterrupted business redesign
    Cross-cultural workforce inclusion
    Continuous employee improvement

There are certainly other best practices that could have been considered. However, these seven are the most important. They effectively cover all of the people, processes, and technology elements that make up every organization.



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