Monday, March 15, 2010

American Residential Law Group (ARLG) - Expert Legal Representation on Mortgage Related Legal Affairs.

After recent housing and mortgage crisis, financial life are still stressful and unpredictable for some people. Many things in life can cause you to be late on your mortgage payments : increasing household expenses, falling property prices, adjustable rates increase, economic uncertainty, temporary hardship (illness, death in the family or divorce), reduced income (due to a job change, job loss, or other major life event or changes). Home ownership is important to financial wealth, personal health, and a stable family. As a result, foreclosure and the risk of losing your home is the most stressful thing you can experience. The good news is the government is telling banks they need to do their part to fix the housing crisis. The government has asked for ALL lending banks to help in the foreclosure epidemic and modify mortgages for all troubled homeowners. The banks are trying to make a good loan out of a troubled loan and make it a performing loan. This may include a lower interest rate, payment reschedule, principal reduction, longer terms or any other modification.

If you are behind in your mortgage payments and in danger of losing your home, then you need to get the best professional legal advice possible to avoid foreclosure proceedings and save your property. Some possible strategies for homeowners to get out of financial distress include Mortgage Loan Modification (adjusting one or more of the terms of the mortgage to allow for a reduction in the borrower’s monthly mortgage payment), Mortgage Litigation against the mortgage company for predatory lending violations or mortgage fraud, or Short Sale (the sale of real estate where the lender agrees to accept less than the amount owed on the mortgage as part of an agreed upon sale, in order to prevent a home foreclosure), or filing for bankruptcy.

An attorney may be able to stop foreclosure by negotiating a loan workout/modification. Loan Modification is suitable for those who can't refinance or afford their current mortgage payments. If you have fallen behind on mortgage payments due to a temporary hardship (job loss, illness, death in the family, and military service), then Mortgage Loan Modification is a popular option that can preserve your credit, stop the foreclosure process and save your home. The process involves a modification of existing loan terms to new, more manageable terms in order to make your payments more affordable and allow you to get back on track. The most common loan modification techniques are reducing the principal balance, fixing adjustable interest rates, lowering the interest rate, forgiveness of payment defaults & Fees, or any combination of these. As a result, Good Attorney can help you waive negatively accrued interest, grant extensions on payments, lower your monthly payments, lower your interest rate, fix your adjustable rate, reduce your loan balance, re-amortize loan to include past due payments and importantly SAVE YOUR HOME. Remember that most lenders have some standards and rules when it comes to loan modification. Typically, the most common standards include having missed a payment, having experienced a recent financial hardship or change, owning a property and not having filed for bankruptcy. Typically, Homeowners with a high probability of getting a loan modification are those currently in an adjustable rate mortgage, who have a high interest rate, and/or are experiencing any kind of hardship.

A short sale is a common alternative for people who don’t qualify for a bank loan modification. It is the best options to both avoid foreclosure and a deficiency judgment. A short sale is generally faster and less expensive than a foreclosure. A short sale is the sale of real estate where the lender agrees to accept less than the amount owed on the mortgage as part of an agreed upon sale, instead of completing a foreclosure action of the property. Often a lender will choose to allow a short sale if they believe that it will result in a smaller financial loss than foreclosing.

If you need expert legal representation to assist you in Foreclosure, Predatory Lending Defense or Mortgage Litigation, Loan Modification, Short Sale, or Bankruptcy Consultancy, try The American Residential Law Group (ARLG). The American Residential Law Group is a south florida based law firm, with over 12 years in practice, providing the full range of consumer legal services for Florida USA clients. They have established a reputation for being highly efficient and successful on real estate matters that include stopping foreclosure, aggressive litigation against predatory lenders, negotiating more favorable term for loan modification and restoring client financial stability. ARLG's attorneys will carefully review your financial circumstances, existing loan documentation and legal rights before recommending a course of action. They always go for a win-win situation for both you and your lender and eventually help you restore your financial stability. With a strong foundation of knowledge and experience with U.S. bankruptcy law, real estate law and foreclosure proceedings, the ARLG lawyers have been able to successfully help distressed homeowners save their home.



  1. ARGL they do nothing, beside taking the fees.They don't reply or return calls. Very poor service. Don't use, don't use.

  2. I agree with the othert Anonymous poster. We have paid ARLG to help with our mortgage. At the beginning they were helpful...until they got full payment. We have called a minimum of TEN times and they have not returned phone calls. This is not what I paid for - hope we can warn others!

  3. DO NOT USE ARLG. In June of 2010 I found this law firm on the Internet and decided to hire them to help me modify my loan with Chase Bank. I had personally tried to do a modification with Chase Bank that drug on for a year and a half of making trial payments.. that were $400.00 higher than my original payments on the note. Chase had taken the extra $400.00 from every payment that I was making and applying it to late fees and interest...rather than putting the money in my escrow account. This only made my matters worse, and I felt I needed some sort of legal representation to work through this. I quit making payments in June 2010, and hired American Residential Law Group. I gave them all the required info and was told that they would check with my investor, and see if they were willing to work with me. The next day they called and said my investor was indeed willing to work with me, so I made my first 825.00 payment. 30 days later I made the second 825.00 payment. I never once heard anything from anybody at ARLG. They would not return my calls, emails...Nothing. Five months later, I get a foreclosure notice from the attorneys notifying me of a sale date that is two weeks away. Someone from ARLG finally call tell me that they are unable to help me, that the investor is not willing to negotiate a modification. Now the first thing they told me was they talked to my investor, and "they were willing to negotiate" with me. They refused any kind of refund back to me, and now they have really made things bad for me. I trusted, and was comfortable with a "firm" handling my file, so i didn't stay to persistent. But now time has run out, and I don't know what, if any that I can do to save my house. Also Chase told me they never received any kind of documents for a modification from ARLG. ARLG totally kicked me when I was already down, and has now put my family in jeopardy of a place to live. DO NOT hire this so called "law firm". There are similar complaints on Florida's BBB website regarding this agency, which i didn't know before. They have operated under at least two other DBA's in the past, changing names to hide bad business practices.

  4. i am totaly agree with other as soon they got my money and trying for a week no call from them i will report bto state attorneys office. i am shocked and mad about poor service,

  5. Agree with all 4 posts! ARLG is a scam! They act like they are going to help you and get your loan modification approved, they take your money and never hear anything back from them! Unbelievable! I don't know how these people sleep at night. They take advantage of people that are so desperate to save their home and prey on them. They are good at that! DO NOT USE ARLG!

  6. I am on hold with them now been over an hour wait so far. still holding, got a letter from them that they were closing my file because I was not providing them with the requested documents, not true at all. so yea they have taken my money too. What do you do now. pay another law firm to sue this one or what?

  7. In May of 2010 I too was told by a coworker that ARLG could help,our hours at work were cut I could not make my payment.After they received$1900.oo The phone calls stopped.I called them two times a week not one return call. I also will be calling my state attorney office. I received a letter on 1-12-11 ststing they no longer can serve me because I live in a different state new rules be the FTC.Think twice before useing ARLG.Mad in Il

  8. No need to approve I am going to call my state attorneys office I want my money back for a service I never received,in my letter I received a notice that a William O'Toole is taking over my case and his office nummber is a 561 area code he is out of my state, smells fishy

  9. I couldn't agree more with the other negative comments. These guys are bastards! I hope they all burn in hell. They have made my life a living hell and haven't done a thing. My representative, Mr. Small, is exactly that, a small man who lies for a living. They will be exposed. I have already contacted the BBB (whom somehow was misinformed about this scam company), a private attorney, a federal prosecutor and 60 Minutes. I live in SW Ohio. Anyone contemplating the use of this firm BEWARE. Dr James H

  10. I completely agree with all of the above comments. This company is a big scam. They certainly take your money and pretend to be working on a modification with your lender but then never hear from anyone from the company again. After many, many calls and emails to this company no return call. Now when you call the phone # a messsage says "all circuits are busy". I am still in the process of workng with my lender to modify my mortgate and was told by my lender that they've made several calls to my 3rd party (ARLG) with no call back. Very sad. There has to be a way to get our money back. I'm going to file a complain with the Attorney General's office in the state of New York and the State of Florida. It's worth a shot.


  12. after being scammed out of a few thousand dollars it can turn a descent hard working man trying to support his family into a real scumbag - i'm ok now and getting back on my feet again and once i get enough money and some free time i think i'm going to take a trip to get my money back next summer - watch the news.


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