Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tips for expanding Employee's Career Options. Job Enrichment, Job Lateral Moves, Job Realignment, Job Relocation, and Job Promotions

For clues about potential job enrichment opportunities, ask your employees these questions:
? What do you enjoy most about your job?
? What could be added to your job to make it more satisfying? What assignment would advance you further in your current work? Which of your current tasks is the most routine?

Trigger ideas about potential job lateral moves; ask your employees
? Which of your skills can be applied beyond your present job and present department?
? If you make a lateral move, what long-term career opportunities would it provide?
? What three skills are most transferable to another department?
? What other department interests you?

For career exploration ideas, ask your employees the following questions:
? What other areas of the company interest you?
? If you could start your career over, what would you do differently?
? Which of our current organization task forces interest you? Which might give you the best view of another part of this organization?
? Whose job would you like to learn more about?

When considering job realignment as an option, ask these questions:
? If you take an assignment in another area, what will be the new opportunities for growth and development?
? Are you willing to accept the same or a lower salary to make a fresh start in a new area?
? How could a realigned position enable you to use the skills you really enjoy?
? Do you miss the technical, hands-on work you used to do?

When considering job relocation as an option, ask these questions:
? Do you know people who have left this company and have gone somewhere else? What were their experiences like? Can you talk with these individuals before deciding what to do?
? What is it about this company that’s making you want to look outside? How has the company changed? How does that impact you?
? If you leave here, what are your long-term career opportunities in another organization?

When discussing possible promotions with your employees, ask them questions like these:
? Who is your competition for that next position? What are his or her strengths and weaknesses?
? How has your job performance been during the last year? How has it prepared you for the next step?
? Why should this company promote you? What’s in it for them? What are the satisfactions and headaches that might come with this vertical move?


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  1. I think you touched on many of the most relevant topics to consider, but I would develop some questions regarding the balance between personal and business life as a category.

    I remember a firm that I worked for had the opinion that most of its employees were more concerned with pay and benefits, yet employees kept telling them that they were concerned about personal time being infringed by work. After running a detailed survey on various topics, the employees' concern across the board was work creeping on personal time, still the company refused to address the issue.


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