Sunday, February 22, 2009

Behavior Checklist of a Jerk. Identify and avoid Jerk behaviour in your Life.

We don't like Jerk, right? They have negative impact into our life, and also to our society. We find jerk behaviour everywhere, even sometimes inside ourself. This checklist gives some ideas of Jerk behaviour.

Behavior Checklist of a Jerk.

Condescend or demean
Act arrogant
Withhold praise
Slam doors, pound tables
Behave rudely
Belittle people in front of others
Manage up, not down
Always look out for number one
Give mostly negative feedback
Yell at people
Tell lies or “half-truths”
Act above the rules
Enjoy making people sweat
Act superior to or smarter than everyone else
Show disrespect
Act sexist
Act bigoted
Withhold critical information
Use inappropriate humor
Blow up in meetings
Start every sentence with “I”
Steal credit or the spotlight from others
Block career moves (prevent promotion or hold onto “stars”)
Distrust most people
Show favoritism
Humiliate and embarrass others
Criticize often (at a personal level)
Overuse sarcasm
Deliberately ignore or isolate some people
Set impossible goals or deadlines
Never accept blame, let others take the hit
Undermine authority
Show lack of caring for people
Betray trust or confidences
Gossip/spread rumors
Act as if others are stupid
Have “sloppy moods” (when feeling down, take it out on others)
Use fear as a motivator
Show revenge
Interrupt constantly
Make “bad-taste” remarks
Fail to listen
Lack patience
Demand perfection
Break promises
Second-guess constantly
Have to always be in control



  1. f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c !

    I will copy and paste for my boss :) it's his portrait

  2. Hey....this fits my boss too!!! I don't think that is a coincidence.


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