Sunday, February 1, 2009

Entrecard Top Droppers - January 2009

I like to thank all my Entrecard Droppers for your active droppings.
In addition, My special thanks to the following January 2009's Top Droppers:

Dropper # of drops
The Path to the Pegasus Letter 24
Theme lib dot com 24
Retro Yakking 22
Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, and Tasers… Oh My! 21
flitting on fiction 20
Arohan's investing life 19
Celebrity Body Gossip 19
Enjoy Work As Leisure 18
Sports 2000 18
Christina's Movie Review Mania 18

If you notice, all of them have High Popularity Rating.
Support them with more visits, and they will return favor generously.

What are the advantages of becoming my Top Droppers:
1) I will Favourite you.
2) I will put your site on my priority drop list from all my blogs. You'll receive first-choice drop back from me regularly from all my blogs.
3) You'll get link back automatically from PR=3 site because I set my post with "DoFollow" setting.

Another Lesson Learned with Entrecard:
1) What happen if you don't make any drop in 2 days?
Definitely, your Popularity Rating will drop. I suffered a whopping 180 Rating Point Drops/day after my 2 inactive days. Then, I took me 3 days to recover that 180 Rating Point.

So, I am thinking that if 2 inactive days can wipe out your 3 day's hard (dropping) work, then this Entrecard system is only suitable for consistent, regular dropper.

For those who can't drop regularly, you can compensate it by doing more advertising. You can buy Entrecard credits (if you don't have enough credits) and use them to advertise on Popular sites ( those with advertising rate >128/day). In the beginning, there will be EntreCard Credit (EC) balance deficits when using this tactics. Just like any investment, you sow first before you reap the harvest. Eventually, you will reach a point where EC balance surplus ( ie: EC Received > EC Spent ) is attained.

Why should you pursue High Popularity Rating? If you notice from all Categories, higher Popularity Rating usually enjoy higher Advertising Rates. The higher your Popularity Rating, more drops you will get naturally (ie: without requiring you to drop cards) & people will tend to advertise to your Popular sites.


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