Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What are 4 addictive human sins?

What are 4 addictive human sins? Gambling, Sex, Drugs and Smoking. My parents always advised me to avoid those 4 sins since I was young. Gambling is addictive and dangerous. It can ruin your wealth faster than the other 3 sins. Players are often disillusioned with high self confidence of winning. If you win, you feel the thrill and excitement, and it gives you the adrenaline rush to play again & make larger bets with this "easy money maker". If you lose, you never give up and always try to recoup your loss back by playing bigger bets. These never-ending negative spiral path to destruction will stop only when you lose your pants. Some people even resort to borrow money or commit crimes to satisfy their addictive gambling impulse.

People easily falls into the illusion of making easy money with gambling, while disregarding the true risk of gambling. Many gambling advertisement often promote the idea of social gambling. But, this 'gambling for fun' can gradually turns into 'gambling for profit' for many people. People can gamble on many areas: recreational billiards, lottery ticket, horse racing, boxing, soccer bets, cockfighting, casino, etc. From all gambling types, casino is the most lethal and the quickest path to destruction - fast route to win big or lose big. It is a fast pace game where you can play online casino within minutes per game. On any fast pace online casino games, players usually unable to retain emotional and rational control while playing. Lack of emotional and rational control, and poor money management often lead players into the losing path. Although gambling tax revenue is significant for the government budget, effective control and regulation should be increased in order to restrict excessive gambling habits into the fabric of society. It is obvious, the long term destruction of gambling surely far outweigh the short term's fun and excitement.



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