Saturday, December 12, 2009

Internal Communications Knowledge and Skills - Level 3 and 4. Competent Communicators Skills.

At least two to three years' communication experience.

Generic Business and Management

Financial and strategic planning.


Human resource management.


Delegation and supervision.

Managing conflict.

Influencing skills.

Managing a budget.

Facilitation skills.

Specialist — Corporate and Internal Communication

Mastery of management theory and practice relevant to sector.

Planning complex internal communication programmes.

Good practice in people management and budgeting.

Knowledge and understanding of codes of practice.

Law and how it relates to people management and communication.

Evaluation of internal communication good practice.

Organization culture and change management.

Risk and incident management — the role of internal communication.


Specifying and managing suppliers including negotiation and account management.

Maintaining internal networks.

Coaching and leading small teams.

Coaching managers on communication programmes.

Speech writing.

Improving organizational communication flow — development of e-mail guidelines, policies, etc.

Developing and delivering complex projects.

Planning and managing detailed research projects.

Facilitation skills for research and planning meetings.

Supporting change projects.

Alignment of internal and external communication programmes.

Direct experience

Developing new or existing communication channels.

Delivering complex projects.

Managing external suppliers (designers, AV, consultants).

Commissioning and reviewing qualitative and quantitative research projects.

Developing communication campaigns to meet defined objectives.

Involvement in multidisciplinary project teams.

Working in environments where a number of cultures need to be managed.

Working with colleagues from corporate communications or marketing backgrounds.

Working on projects at times of crisis or rapid change.

Planning long-term communication programme for large organization.

Experience delivering programmes concerning brands, values and behaviours, restructuring, cultural change.

At least five years operating at Band 2 or above. Leading department or consulting practice providing support to senior managers.

Generic Business and Management

Understanding key functions and issues faced (marketing, finance, human resources).

Deep sector expertise and knowledge.

Keeping abreast of current thinking and good practice in management in and out of the sector.

Business ethics.

Motivation and leadership.


Leading and inspiring a team.

Coaching individuals.

Human resource planning and management.

Advanced negotiation skills.

Advanced facilitation skills.

Specialist — Corporate and Internal Communication

Knowledge and understanding of codes of practice.

Translating complex business requirements into internal communication programmes.

Good practice in people management and budgeting.


Leading department or consulting team, including providing development and coaching for junior team members.

Managing complex relationships with suppliers.

Working with and counselling very senior leaders.

Managing in multiple cultures.

Use of advanced tools and techniques — appreciative inquiry, storytelling, etc.

Internal branding — making the links between internal and external communication.

Conducting internal communication audits.

Direct experience

Leader of organizational change programmes.

Development of internal communication strategy.

Regular exposure to senior leadership team/board.

Developing strong coalitions with other functions (marketing, human resources, finance).

The alternative competency-based model, which can also be seen as supporting the knowledge and skills-oriented model, outlines seven areas of concern:

Understanding the communication environment.

Planning and strategy.

Crafting and organizing.

Using communication channels.

Research and measurement.

Building effective working relationships.

Advising, facilitating and coaching.



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