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Internal Communications Knowledge and Skills - Level 1 and 2. Knowledge and Training Internal Communicators Reference.

Knowledge and training internal communicators need to establish these levels of skills at various stages of their professional life. An individual practitioner can establish his or her own developmental needs in terms of skills, experience and knowledge and how to meet them. A department head can plot where team members fall on a skills/knowledge/experience continuum and plan their development. An employer might use either version when drawing up person and/or job specifications for recruitment, for overall team development purposes and also establishing the function in the first place.

Graduate in the process of learning core skills and gaining basic knowledge in the wider context of communication and management.

Generic Business and Management

Basics of management theory and practice relevant to sector of operation. Legal issues — health and safety legislation, etc.


Time management.

Meeting practices.

Team working.


Desk research.

Interpersonal communication.

Specialist — Corporate and Internal Communication

What is internal communication?

The politics of communication (where it sits in the organization).

Planning basics — audiences, messages, media, etc.


The basics of writing and editing (proofreading, grammar, style, plain English).

Working with clients (internal/external) and suppliers.

Photography and design basics.

Direct experience

Working as an assistant or junior team member.

BAND 2 (12 MONTHS — 2/3 YEARS)
Becoming an effective practitioner, growing skills set, deepening understanding of business/management and internal communication.

Generic Business and Management

Finance for non-financial managers.

Management agenda (quality, Investors in People, etc).

Communication and leadership — communication competencies, role of leaders, etc.


Negotiation skills.


Interpersonal skills (consulting techniques).

Presentation techniques.

Basic project management.

Budget setting and control.

Specialist — Corporate and Internal Communication

Planning simple internal communication programmes.

Role and benefits of face-to-face communication.

Awareness of wider communication disciplines (PR, marketing communication, etc).

Knowledge and understanding of relevant professional codes of practice.

Relationship between human resources, internal communication and marketing.

Role of research and measurement in internal communication practice.


Psychology in the workplace.

Selection and evaluation of different internal communication media.

How internal communication links to business strategy.


Writing and sub-editing newsletters, intranet (including news and features).

Interviewing for publication and research.

Sub-editing colleagues' work.

Planning simple programmes/campaigns (including audience segmentation).

Providing tactical advice to managers on communication practice.

Conducting limited-scope research projects.

Simple facilitation skills for research and planning meetings.

Developing personal networks.

Organizing and running events and conferences.

Visual identity and brand management.

Direct experience

Regular writing and sub-editing for variety of formats/media.

Managing range of internal communication channels (projects and continuous).

Conducting small-scale qualitative and quantitative research projects.

Developing simple campaigns to defined objectives.

Working with colleagues on human resource issues.

Working with colleagues from corporate communications and marketing background.

Organizing and running a range of events (conferences, road shows, workshops).
Supporting colleagues in the delivery of communication campaigns.

Exposure to a variety of channels and techniques.

Basic news and feature writing for a variety of channels.



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