Monday, October 12, 2009

Key People Skills - Relationship Skills. 7 Essential Interpersonal Relationship Skills.

Cultivate good relationship skills with these 7 Essential Interpersonal Relationship Skills.

Relationship Skills
1. Understanding yourself
? Identifying your feelings accurately
? Understanding the influence of your background

2. Talking about yourself
? Communicating well using nonverbal language
? Ability to "own" your thoughts and feelings
? Expressing feelings appropriately
? Sharing personal information

3. Developing relationships
? Revealing strengths and weaknesses
? Giving feedback
? Receiving feedback
? Identifying and overcoming barriers to trust
? Discussing your relationships constructively

4. Defining yourself
? Overcoming mental barriers to assertion
? Expressing wants
? Taking the initiative
? Coping with others' negative behavior
? Not allowing others to define you on their terms

5. Disciplined listening
? Awareness of your barriers to listening
? Being a safe person to talk to
? Understanding verbal and nonverbal language
? Tuning in to the feelings of others
? Actively showing attentivenes
? Being able to step into another's world

6. Helpful responding
? Communicating understanding of another's words
? Communicating understanding of another's feelings
? Ability to help another clarify a problem
? Helping another generate solutions

7. Managing anger and conflict
? Awareness of when you feel angry
? Expressing your anger constructively
? Handling criticism constructively
? Showing a problem-solving orientation
? Being collaborative rather than competitive
? Assuming responsibility for managing conflict


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  1. Yes, it is most important to develop people’s skills to accomplish most of the tasks. Every organization has to give training on people skillsto their employees, particularly managers, supervisors and line staff whose job mainly depends on communicating.


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