Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Parenting Style - Are you a nurturing parent or a controlling parent to your children?

What is your Parenting Style? Are you a nurturing parent or a controlling parent to your children?

The nurturing parent:
 Is direct
 Is protective
 Nurtures
 Offers constructive criticism
 Encourages
 Is loving
 Loves unconditionally
 Shares power
 Supports
 Safeguards you against threat
 Is nonjudgmental
 Wants the best for you
 Is responsible
 Cares for you and others
 Is your own best friend
 Listens
 Looks after your health
 Is sympathetic
 Sees you have friends who care
 Has a built-in guide for survival
 Warns you of danger
The nurturing inner parent can also be overprotective and smothering.

The controlling parent:
 Tells you the do's and don'ts.
 Makes sure you do the right things.
 Deals only in "acceptable" behavior.
The controlling inner parent can also be hypercritical, demanding, conditional, judgmental, and manipulative.



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