Friday, June 5, 2009

European shopping portal

Shopping experience should be easy, fast, and engaging. Importantly, when shopping you would expect getting best deals, savings and value for your purchase. This often requires visiting several shops by comparing the price, quality, service, and brand. Search engine allows you to quickly find relevant shops for particular products/services you are interested. It's even better if use specific shopping search engine. It is designed to crawl the internet to give the best value, latest and cheapest price, best deals or savings for relevant products/services. Fast Search result, Product Rating, Buyer Comments, Related Products, and ability to sort by price and product features gives extra power.

I come across one shopping portal with European shopping search engine. It specialized on England, Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden and Italy market. Its product range is quite diverse, ranging from Adult clothing, clothing, clothing accessories, computers, electronics, entertainment, food, furniture, garden, gifts, health, home, jewellery, malls, office products, photography, sports, tools and toys and games. It helps you to find the right product at the right price. With their advanced search tools, you have the option to search by Price Range, search by Product, sort by up to 4 automatically defined price ranges. Furthermore you can sort the results by lowest price, highest price, relevance or alphabetically. What is interesting of this site is the ability to:
  • 1) View PriceHistory. It allows you to see the price movement and make purchase decision accordingly.
  • 2) Set PriceAlert. If you want to get desired product price, just set price alert, and you'll receive email notification when the price drop to your target.
  • 3) Tip a friend. This friendly tools allows you to inform your friend about the best deals you've got.
  • 4) Rate product. You can rate product so that other buyers can see the overall product rating that help them making buying decision.

  • 1) No comparison on price from multiple product vendors. The search result just give price from single vendor.
  • 2) Limited product vendors



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