Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Company Profile Assessment for Real Estate Business Plan.

The underlying purpose of assessing Company Profile is to understand the potential profitability of your enterprise and to want to become involved.

Here are the questions to answer in your company profile:
 When and where did your organization begin?
 Why did you go into business?
 Where are you located now?
 What other properties do you currently own?
 What kind of properties, or which specific properties, do you intend to acquire?
 What is the current market, or current income potential, for the kinds of property you work with?
 What is your structure — single proprietorship, partnership or corporation?
 What business name do you use?
 Who are you, and who are the other key people involved in your enterprise?
 What kind of real estate properties or activities are you involved in?
 How is your company positioned to take advantage of key trends in your region or in real estate?
 What kind of growth or increased value can you reasonably foresee in the years ahead?
 Are there important studies or articles that will help your reader understand the kind of properties you intend to acquire, the strength of the real estate market in your area or other reasons that make investing in you a good idea?
 Are you able to present documents from your accountant or tax-preparer that will document the strengths of you and/or your enterprise?
 What are your plans for the future? How will you implement them, and what kind of resources will you need?
 What other companies or entities are your chief competition? What advantages, if any, do you enjoy over them?
 What are your key competitive advantages — experience with certain properties, property holdings, and so on?
 How much have you already invested in your activities, with what kind of return?
 How have you secured funding in the past? What did you use that money for, and what was the return to investors?
 If you obtain funding, where will you use it specifically?
 About how much money do you need?
 If you obtain funding, where will it be spent?
 How much payback are you prepared to offer to investors, over what period of time?


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  1. Wow it's a nice post.I like it very much. because there are many things are there those we don't know. I think people will get a lot of benefit from your post. Thank you.


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