Sunday, June 7, 2009

Different Nature of Fragrances that suit your taste

Choosing the suitable perfumes and fragrances for your personal use or as gifts for friends, loved ones and family is never easy. Although all fragrances are designed specifically to evoke our sensory or emotional responses, we choose them differently due to number of factors:

1) Sex
Man fragrances have different characteristics from women fragrances. Fragrances for women can be broken down into categories: Floral scents, Fruity scents, Spicy scents, Woodsy scents. Fragrances for man come in a variety of themes: Citrus scents, Spicy scents, Woodsy scents, Leather scents.

2) Seasons
Summer calls for cooler lighter fragrances, whereas winter might suggest more intimate and warmer aromas. Spring is the return of freshness, and autumn is a period of subtlety.

3) Event
Daywear and everyday work perfume calls for a different perfume to an evening out perfume. An intimate dinner might suggest a different aroma to a family get together.

4) Age, Personality and Moods
The essential oils of a perfume react differently with different person. Some perfumes are more suited to some personalities than others. Some perfumes are gregarious, others are more reserved. Your choice needs to fit the wearer's attitude, demeanour, your relationship with the wearer. For example, you wouldn't buy the same fragrance for your grandmother as you would for a recently acquired girlfriend.

Here are some characteristics of different fragrances that suit different personality and moods:
  • Romantic and feminine nature of Floral fragrances.
  • Refreshing and uplifting nature of Citrus Fragrances.
  • Earthy aromas of Chypre (Cyprus) Fragrances.
  • Warmth and exotic sensuality of Oriental fragrances.
  • Fresh and alive aromas Green fragrances reflect sporty personalities and most suited to daytime wear.
  • Clean, sporty, youthful and energetic feeling of Aquatic fragrances.

Where to Buy Perfume, Fragrances and Colognes
It is common practice to visit the perfume shop and spray different scents on different parts of your body so you can smell and feel them. If you like to buy from online shop in internet, you can often buy cheaper perfume, including top brands, than from brick mortal stores. Importantly, you can get useful Buyer's Guide and Tips that will help you make better decisions when deciding which perfume is right for you or a special friend. I suggest you to visit Shopwiki UK that offer lots of useful product comparisons and buying tips. They have a big shopping directory of more than millions products crawled from 30000+ online stores. This means that you will find more product choices from more stores for your online shopping. You'll find all Product Features, opinions, Product Reviews, Buying Guides, Top Rated Models, list of Approved Online Merchants/Manufacturers & their corresponding Product Price to make your shopping experience faster, easier, and more engaging. Compare and shop for the best deals and savings on the internet with Shopwiki UK.



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