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No Book_Title Authors Publication_Year ISBN_Number
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1 Aircraft Engineering Principles Lloyd Dingle and Mike Tooley 2005 9780750650151
2 Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students, Fourth Edition T.H.G. Megson 2007 9780750667395
3 Aircraft Systems—Mechanical, Electrical, and Avionics Subsystems Integration, Third Edition Lan Moir and Allan Seabridge 2008 9780470059968
4 Notes On Acoustics Uno Ingard 2008 9781934015087
5 Liquid Crystals—Frontiers in Biomedical Applications Scott J. Woltman and Gregory P. Crawford 2007 9789812705457
6 A Working Guide to Process Equipment, Third Edition Norman P. Lieberman 2008 9780071496742
7 Characterisation of Polymers, Volume 1 T. R. Crompton 2008 9781847351234
8 Chemistry of Petrochemical Processes, 2nd Edition Sami Matar and Lewis F. Hatch 2001 9780884153153
9 Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis, Catalysts and Catalysis, Vol. 163 B. Delmon and J.T. Yates (eds) 2007 9780444522214
10 Greene's Protective Groups in Organic Synthesis, Fourth Edition Peter G. M. Wuts and Theodora W. Greene 2007 9780471697541
11 Guidelines for Hazard Evaluation Procedures, Third Edition Center for Chemical Process Safety 2008 9780471978152
12 Guidelines for the Management of Change for Process Safety Center for Chemical Process Safety 2008 9780470043097
13 Bridge Engineering, Second Edition Demetrios E. Tonias and Jim J. Zhao 2007 9780071459037
14 Building Regulations in Brief, Fifth Edition Ray Tricker and Rozz Algar 2007 9780750684446
15 Engineering Surveying, Sixth Edition W. Schofield and Mark Breach 2007 9780750669498
16 Environmentally Responsible Design—Green and Sustainable Design for Interior Designers Louise Jones 2008 9780471761310
17 Green Building Through Integrated Design Jerry Yudelson 2009 9780071546010
18 Land Development Handbook—Planning, Engineering, and Surveying, Third Edition Sidney O. Dewberry and Lisa N. Rauenzahn 2008 9780071494373
19 Landscape Design Documentation—Strategies for Plan Checking and Quality Control Brian T. McDonald 2006 9780471761372
20 Numerical Computation of Internal & External Flows—Fundamentals of Computational Fluid Dynamics, Volume 1, Second Edition Charles Hirsch 2007 9780750665940
21 Open Channel Hydraulics A. Osman Akan 2006 9780750668576
22 Rock Mechanics in Underground Construction—Proceedings of the ISRM International Symposium 2006 and the 4th Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium C. F. Leung and Y. X. Zhou (eds) 2006 9789812704375
23 Structural Design—A Practical Guide for Architects, Second Edition Rod Underwood and Michele Chiuini 2008 9780471789048
24 The Engineering Guide to LEED—New Construction—Sustainable Construction for Engineers Liv Haselbach 2008 9780071489935
25 W. T. Koiter’s Elastic Stability of Solids and Structures Arnold M. A. van der Heijden (ed) 2009 9780521515283
26 Agent Technology for Communication Infrastructures Alex L. G. Hayzelden and Rachel A. Bourne (eds) 2001 9780471498155
27 Data Scheduling and Transmission Strategies in Asymmetric Telecommunication Environments Navrati Saxena and Abhishek Roy 2008 9781420046557
28 Distributed Antenna Systems—Open Architecture for Future Wireless Communications Honglin Hu, Yan Zhang and Jijun Luo 2007 9781420042887
29 Electromagnetic Band Gap Structures in Antenna Engineering Fan Yang and Yahya Rahmat-Samii 2009 9780521889919
30 Essentials of UMTS Christopher Cox 2008 9780521889315
31 Fixed Mobile Convergence—Voice over Wi-Fi, IMS, UMA/GAN, Femtocells, and Other Enablers Alex Shneyderman and Alessio Casati 2008 9780071486064
32 Global Positioning—Technologies and Performance Nel Samama 2008 9780471793762
33 Handbook of Mobile Broadcasting—DVB-H, DMB, ISDB-T, and MEDIAFLO Borko Furht and Syed Ahson (eds) 2008 9781420053869
34 Handbook of Mobile Communication Studies James E. Katz (ed) 2008 9780262113120
35 Handbook on Advancements in Smart Antenna Technologies for Wireless Networks Chen Sun, Jun Cheng and Takashi Ohira (eds) 2009 9781599049885
36 Introduction to Mobile Communications—Technology, Services, Markets Tony Wakefield, Dave McNally, David Bowler and Alan Mayne 2007 9781420046533
37 Introduction to Modern Navigation Systems Esmat Bekir 2007 9789812707659
38 Microwave Engineering—Land & Space Radiocommunications Gérard Barué 2008 9780470089965
39 MIMO Wireless Communications—From Real-World Propagation to Space-Time Code Design Claude Oestges and Bruno Clerckx 2007 9780123725356
40 Mobile WiMAX—Toward Broadband Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks Yan Zhang and Hsiao-Hwa Chen 2008 9780849326240
41 Optical Wireless Communications—IR for Wireless Connectivity Roberto Ramirez-Iniguez, Sevia M. Idrus and Ziran Sun 2008 9780849372094
42 Small Antenna Design Douglas Miron 2006 9780750678612
43 Switchmode RF Power Amplifiers Andrei Grebennikov and Nathan O. Sokal 2007 9780750679626
44 Test and Diagnosis of Analogue, Mixed-Signal and RF Integrated Circuits—The System on Chip Approach Yichuang Sun (ed) 2008 9780863417450
45 Ultra-Wideband Positioning Systems—Theoretical Limits, Ranging Algorithms, and Protocols Zafer Sahinoglu, Sinan Gezici and Ismail Güvenc 2008 9780521873093
46 Understanding Surveillance Technologies—Spy Devices, Privacy, History & Applications, Revised and Expanded Second Edition J. K. Petersen 2007 9780849383199
47 Wireless and Cellular Telecommunications, Third Edition William C.Y. Lee 2006 9780071436861
48 Analysis of Piezoelectric Devices Jiashi Yang 2006 9789812568618
49 Handbook of PI and PID Controller Tuning Rules, 2nd Edition Aidan O'Dwyer 2006 9781860946226
50 Structural Health Monitoring with Piezoelectric Wafer Active Sensors Victor Giurgiutiu 2008 9780120887606
51 Fundamentals of Geophysics, Second Edition William Lowrie 2007 9780521859028
52 Digital Integrated Circuit Design from VLSI Architectures to CMOS Fabrication Hubert Kaeslin 2008 9780521882675
53 Digital Systems Design with FPGAs and CPLDs Ian A. Grout 2008 9780750683975
54 Electronic Devices and Amplifier Circuits with MATLAB Computing, Second Edition Steven T. Karris 2008 9781934404133
55 Fault-Tolerant Systems Israel Koren and C. Mani Krishna 2007 9780120885251
56 Fundamentals of Power Electronics with MATLAB Randall Shaffer 2007 9781584508526
57 High Performance ASIC Design—Using Synthesizable Domino Logic in an ASIC Flow Razak Hossain 2008 9780521873345
58 MOSFET Modeling for Circuit Analysis and Design Carlos Galup-Montoro and Márcio Cherem Schneider 2007 9789812568106
59 System-on-Chip Test Architectures—Nanometer Design for Testability Laung-Terng Wang, Charles E. Stroud and Nur A. Touba (eds) 2008 9780123739735
60 VLIW Microprocessor Hardware Design—For ASIC and FPGA Lee Weng Fook 2008 9780071497022
61 VLSI Digital Signal Processing Systems—Design and Implementation Keshab K. Parhi 1999 9780471241867
62 Environmental Engineering—Environmental Health and Safety for Municipal Infrastructure, Land Use and Planning, and Industry, Sixth Edition Nelson L. Nemerow, Franklin J. Agardy, Patrick Sullivan and Joseph A. Salvato 2009 9780470083055
63 Environmental Engineering—Prevention and Response to Water-, Food-, Soil-, and Air-Borne Disease and Illness, Sixth Edition Nelson L. Nemerow, Franklin J. Agardy, Patrick Sullivan and Joseph A. Salvato 2009 9780470083048
64 Environmental Engineering—Water, Wastewater, Soil and Groundwater Treatment and Remediation, Sixth Edition Nelson L. Nemerow, Franklin J. Agardy, Patrick Sullivan and Joseph A. Salvato 2009 9780470083031
65 Introduction to Fire Safety Management Andrew Furness and Martin Muckett 2007 9780750680684
66 Risk Analysis in Building Fire Safety Engineering A. M. Hasofer, V. R. Beck and I. D. Bennetts 2007 9780750681568
67 ARBURG Practical Guide to Injection Moulding Vannessa Goodship (ed) 2004 9781859574447
68 Casting Aluminum Alloys Vadim Zolotorevsky, Nikolai Belov and Michael Glazoff 2007 9780080453705
69 Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing—Materials, Processes, and Systems, Third Edition Mikell P. Groover 2002 9780471744856
70 Practical Guide to Rotational Moulding R. J. Crawford 2003 9781859573877
71 Solid/Liquid Separation—Equipment Selection and Process Design Steve Tarleton and Richard Wakeman 2007 9781856174213
72 The Mould Design Guide Peter Jones 2008 9781847350879
73 Engineering Analysis with ANSYS Software Tadeusz Stolarski 2006 9780750668750
74 Engineering Design Communication and Modeling Using Unigraphics NX Gang Qi 2006 9781418011499
75 Engineering Design Methods—Strategies for Product Design, Fourth Edition Nigel Cross 2008 9780470519264
76 Newnes Guide to Television and Video Technology K. F. Ibrahim 2007 9780750681650
77 Reeds Mathematical Tables and Engineering Formulae David M. Reid (ed) 2007 9780713683431
78 Reporting Results—A Practical Guide for Engineers and Scientists David C. Van Aken and William F. Hosford 2008 9780521899802
79 Video Demystified—A Handbook for the Digital Engineer, Fourth Edition Keith Jack 2005 9780750678223
80 Waves and Wave Forces on Coastal and Ocean Structures—Advanced Series on Ocean Engineering, Volume 21 Robert T. Hudspeth 2006 9789812386120
81 Light Alloys—From Traditional Alloys to Nanocrystals, Fourth Edition Ian Polmear 2006 9780750663717
82 Materials Selection in Mechanical Design, Third Edition Michael F. Ashby 2005 9780750661683
83 Materials—Engineering, Science, Processing and Design Michael Ashby, Hugh Shercliff and David Cebon 2007 9780750683913
84 The Magic of Ceramics David W. Richerson and Bonnie J. Dunbar 2000 9781574980509
85 An Introduction to Aspects of Thermodynamics and Kinetics Relevant to Materials Science, Third Edition Eugene S. Machlin 2007 9780080466156
86 Basic Statistics Using SAS Enterprise Guide—A Primer Geoff Der and Brian S. Everitt 2007 9781599945736
87 Introduction to Design of Experiments with JMP Examples, Third Edition Jacques Goupy and Lee Creighton 2007 9781599944227
88 Measurement, Analysis, and Control Using JMP—Quality Techniques for Manufacturing Jack E. Reece 2007 9781590478851
89 Modern Engineering Statistics Thomas P. Ryan 2007 9780470081877
90 SAS System for Elementary Statistical Analysis, Second Edition Sandra D. Schlotzhauer and Ramon C. Littell 1997 9781580250184
91 Signals and Systems with MATLAB Computing and Simulink Modeling, Fourth Edition Steven T. Karris 2008 9781934404119
92 Simulation Modeling and Analysis with ARENA Tayfur Altiok and Benjamin Melamed 2007 9780123705235
93 Statistics Using SAS Enterprise Guide James B. Davis 2007 9781590475669
94 Failure of Material in Mechanical Design—Analysis, Prediction, Prevention, Second Edition Jack A. Collins 1993 9780471558910
95 Fluid Mechanics, Fourth Edition Ira M. Cohen and Pijush K. Kundu 2008 9780123737359
96 Grinding Technology—Theory and Applications of Machining with Abrasives, Second Edition Stephen Malkin and Changsheng Guo 2008 9780831132477
97 Handbook of Noise and Vibration Control Malcolm J. Crocker (ed) 2007 9780471395997
98 Homogeneous Turbulence Dynamics Pierre Sagaut and Claude Cambon 2008 9780521855488
99 Intermediate Dynamics for Engineers—A Unified Treatment of Newton–Euler and Lagrangian Mechanics Oliver M. O’Reilly 2008 9780521874830
100 Manual of Gear Design—Gear Ratio and Mathematical Tables, Volume I Holbrook L. Horton and Earle Buckingham 1981 9780831131166
101 Manual of Gear Design—Spur and Internal Gears, Volume II Earle Buckingham 1999 9780831131166
102 Manual of Gear Design—Helical and Spiral Gears, Volume III Earle Buckingham 1999 9780831131166
103 Marks' Calculations for Machine Design Thomas H. Brown, Jr. 2005 9780071436892
104 Pressure Vessel Design—The Direct Route Josef Zeman, Franz Rauscher and Sebastian Schindler 2006 9780080449500
105 Process Heat Transfer—Principles and Applications Robert W. Serth 2007 9780123735881
106 Sound and Structural Vibration—Radiation, Transmission and Response, 2nd Edition Frank J. Fahy and Paolo Gardonio 2007 9780123736338
107 Structural Dynamics and Vibration in Practice—An Engineering Handbook Douglas Thorby 2008 9780750680028
108 MEMS and Microsystems—Design, Manufacture, and Nanoscale Engineering, Second Edition Tai-Ran Hsu 2007 9780470083017
109 MEMS and Nanotechnology-Based Sensors and Devices for Communications, Medical and Aerospace Applications A. R. Jha 2008 9780849380693
110 Principles of Physical Optics Charles A. Bennett 2008 9780470122129
111 Understanding Lasers—An Entry-Level Guide, Third Edition Jeff Hecht 2008 9780470088906
112 Petroleum Related Rock Mechanics, 2nd Edition Erling Fjar, R. M. Holt, P. Horsrud, A. M. Raaen and R. Risnes 2008 9780444502605
113 Pipeline Risk Management Manual—Ideas, Techniques, and Resources, Third Edition W. Kent Muhlbauer 2004 9780750675796
114 Reservoir Formation Damage—Fundamentals, Modeling, Assessment, and Mitigation, Second Edition Faruk Civan 2007 9780750677387
115 Mathematics and Physics for Programmers Danny Kodicek 2005 9781584503309
116 Dynamic Plasticity N. D. Cristescu 2007 9789812567475
117 Gas Turbines—A Handbook of Air, Land, and Sea Applications Claire Soares 2008 9780750679695
118 Local Energy—Distributed Generation of Heat and Power Janet Wood 2008 9780863417399
119 Pinch Analysis and Process Integration—A User Guide on Process Integration for the Efficient Use of Energy, Second Edition Ian C. Kemp 2007 9780750682602
120 Power Quality in Power Systems and Electrical Machines Ewald Fuchs and Mohammad Masoum 2008 9780123695369
121 Progress in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) 2006 9780470072745
122 Securing Utility and Energy Infrastructures Larry Ness 2006 9780471705253
123 Solar Power in Building Design—The Engineer’s Complete Design Resource Peter Gevorkian 2008 9780071485630
124 Solar Revolution—The Economic Transformation of the Global Energy Industry Travis Bradford 2006 9780262524940
125 The Lineman's and Cableman's Handbook, Eleventh Edition Thomas M. Shoemaker and James E. Mack 2007 9780071467896
126 Hazard Analysis Techniques for System Safety Clifton A. Ericson 2005 9780471720195
127 Lee’s Loss Prevention in the Process Industries—Hazard Identification, Assessment and Control, Volume 1, Third Edition Sam Mannan 2005 9780750678575
128 Lee’s Loss Prevention in the Process Industries—Hazard Identification, Assessment and Control, Volume 2, Third Edition Sam Mannan 2005 9780750678582
129 Lee’s Loss Prevention in the Process Industries—Hazard Identification, Assessment and Control, Volume 3, Third Edition Sam Mannan 2005 9780750678599
130 Managing Risk and Reliability of Process Plants Mark Tweeddale 2003 9780750677349
131 Reliability Modeling, Analysis and Optimization Hoang Pham 2006 9789812563880
132 The Little Black Book of Reliability Management—What Do You Have a Right to Expect? Daniel T. Daley 2008 9780831133566
133 Environmentally Conscious Transportation Myer Kutz (ed) 2008 9780471793694
134 Inter- and Intra-Vehicle Communications Gilbert Held 2008 9781420052213
135 Groundwater Treatment Technology, Third Edition Evan K. Nyer 2009 9780471657422

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