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1 Beyond The Deal—Mergers & Acquisitions that Achieve Breakthrough Performance Gains Hubert Saint-Onge and Jay Chatzkel 2009 9780071550109
2 Corporate Governance and Regulatory Impact on Mergers and Acquisitions—Research and Analysis on Activity Worldwide Since 1990 Greg N. Gregoriou and Luc Renneboog (eds) 2007 9780123741424
3 Connect! A Guide to a New Way of Working from GigaOM’s Web Worker Daily Anne Truitt Zelenka and Judi Sohn 2008 9780470223987
4 Coaching for Commitment—Achieving Superior Performance From Individuals And Teams, Third Edition Cindy Coe, Amy Zehnder and Dennis Kinlaw 2008 9780787982492
5 Coaching for High Performance Vivette Payne 2007 9780761214618
6 Co-Active Coaching—New Skills for Coaching People Toward Success in Work and Life, 2nd Edition Laura Whitworth, Karen Kimsey-House, Henry Kimsey-House and Phillip Sandahl 2007 9780891061984
7 Intelligent Mentoring—How IBM Creates Value through People, Knowledge, and Relationships Audrey J. Murrell, Sheila Forte-Trammell and Diana A. Bing 2009 9780137130849
8 Organizational Coaching—Building Relationships and Programs that Drive Results Virginia Bianco-Mathis, Cynthia Roman and Lisa Nabors 2008 9781562865139
9 Relational Coaching—Journeys Towards Mastering One-To-One Learning Erik de Haan 2008 9780470724286
10 The Everything Coaching & Mentoring Book—Increase Productivity, Foster Talent, and Encourage Success, Second Edition Nicholas Nigro 2008 9781598694505
11 Business Communication Harvard Business School Press 2003 9781591391135
12 Conflict in Organizational Groups—New Directions in Theory and Practice Kristin J. Behfar and Leigh L. Thompson (eds) 2007 9780749451011
13 Conflict Management in the Workplace—How to Manage Disagreements and Develop Trust and Understanding, 3rd Edition Shay McConnon and Margaret McConnon 2008 9781845282479
14 Iconoclast—A Neuroscientist Reveals How to Think Differently Gregory Berns 2008 9781422115015
15 Persuasion IQ—The 10 Skills You Need to Get Exactly What You Want Kurt W. Mortensen 2008 9780814409930
16 Moving Out of the Box—Tools for Team Decision Making Jana M. Kemp 2008 9780275997069
17 Root Cause Analysis Handbook—A Guide to Efficient and Effective Incident Investigation, Third Edition ABS Consulting 2008 9781931332514
18 The Expert’s Edge—Become the Go-To Authority People Turn to Every Time Ken Lizotte 2008 9780071495677
19 The McKinsey Engagement—A Powerful Toolkit for More Efficient & Effective Team Problem Solving" Paul N. Friga 2009 9780071497411
20 Wargaming for Leaders—Strategic Decision Making From the Battlefield to the Boardroom Mark Herman, Mark Frost and Robert Kurz 2009 :9780071596886
21 Closing the Innovation Gap—Reigniting the Spark of Creativity in a Global Economy Judy Estrin 2009 9780071499873
22 Grabbing Lightning—Building a Capability for Breakthrough Innovation Gina C. O’Connor, Richard Leifer, Albert S. Paulson and Lois S. Peters 2008 9780787996642
23 Innovation Power Plays—How the World’s Hottest Change Agents Reach the Top of Their Game BusinessWeek 2008 9780071486316
24 Innovations in Investment Management—Cutting-Edge Research from the Exclusive JOIM Conference Series H. Gifford Fong (ed) 2008 9781576603024
25 iProperty—Profiting from Ideas in an Age of Global Innovation William A. Barrett, Christopher H. Price and Thomas E. Hunt 2008 9780470171790
26 Knowledge Innovation—Strategic Management as Practice Mitsuru Kodama 2007 9781845429294
27 Managing Creative People—Lessons in Leadership for the Ideas Economy Gordon Torr 2008 9780470726457
28 Strategic Intuition—The Creative Spark in Human Achievement William Duggan 2007 9780231142687
29 The Way of Innovation—Master the Five Elements of Change to Reinvent Your Products, Services, and Organization Kaihan Krippendorff 2008 9781598693799
30 Power and Influence in Organizations—New Empirical and Theoretical Perspectives Linda L. Neider and Chester A. Schriesheim (eds) 2008 9781593114701
31 10 Steps to Successful Presentations The American Society for Training & Development 2008 9781562865146
32 In the SpotLight—Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Performing Janet E. Esposito 2000 9780974296623
33 Presentation Skills Training Christee Gabour Atwood 2007 9781562864798
34 Sales Presentation Techniques—(That Really Work!) Stephan Schiffman 2007 9781598690606
35 Speak for a Living—The Insider's Guide to Building a Professional Speaking Career Anne Bruce 2008 9781562865085
36 The Everything Public Speaking Book—Deliver a Winning Presentation Every Time! Scott S. Smith 2008 9781598696226
37 10 Steps To Successful Business Writing Jack E. Appleman 2008 9781562864811
38 1001 Business Letters for All Occasions—From Interoffice Memos and Employee Evaluations to Company Policies and Business Invitations—Templates for Every Situation Corey Sandler and Janice Keefe 2008 9781598694543
39 Plain Language in Government Writing—A Step-by-Step Guide Judith Gillespie Myers 2008 9781567262247
40 The Encyclopedia of Business Letters, Faxes, and E-Mail, Revised Edition Robert W. Bly and Regina Anne Kelly 2009 9781601630292
41 The Global English Style Guide—Writing Clear, Translatable Documentation for a Global Market John R. Kohl 2008 9781599946573
42 Time Management—Proven Techniques For Making Every Minute Count, Second Edition Richard Walsh 2008 9781598697650
43 Ending the Management Illusion—Eliminate the Mental Traps That Threaten Your Organization’s Success Hersh Shefrin 2008 9780071494731
44 Everything I Know About Business I Learned at McDonald’s—The 7 Leadership Principles that Drive Break Out Success Paul Facella and Adina Genn 2009 9780071601412
45 It’s Not A Glass Ceiling It’s A Sticky Floor—Free Yourself from the Hidden Behaviors Sabotaging Your Career Success Rebecca Shambaugh 2008 9780071493949
46 Lessons from the Mouse—A Guide for Applying Disney World’s Secrets of Success to Your Organization, Your Career, and Your Life Dennis Snow 2008 9781932021295
47 Me-Time—Life-Coach Yourself to Success Barrie Pearson and Neil Thomas 2008 9781854186072
48 Optimizing Luck—What the Passion to Succeed in Space Can Teach Business Leaders on Earth Thomas Meylan and Terry Teays 2007 9780891062226
49 Plugged In—The Generation Y Guide to Thriving at Work Tamara J. Erickson 2008 9781422120606
50 Shift to Professional Paradise—5 Steps to Less Stress, More Energy & Remarkable Results at Work Vicki Hess 2008 9780979800955
51 Trump Never Give Up—How I Turned My Biggest Challenges into Success Donald J. Trump 2008 9780470190845
52 Tuned In—Uncover the Extraordinary Opportunities That Lead to Business Breakthroughs Craig Stull, Phil Myers and David Meerman Scott 2008 9780470260364
53 Upgrade Your Life—The Lifehacker Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, Better, 2nd Edition Gina Trapani 2008 9780470238363
54 Principles of Cash Flow Valuation—An Integrated Market-Based Approach Joseph Tham and Ignacio Vélez-Pareja 2004 9780126860405
55 Building a World-Class Compliance Program —Best Practices and Strategies for Success Martin T. Biegelman and Daniel R. Biegelman 2008 9780470114780
56 Corporate Governance in the Middle East and North Africa Chris Pierce 2008 9781846730818
57 Corporations and Citizenship Andrew Crane, Dirk Matten and Jeremy Moon 2008 9780521848305
58 The A to Z of Corporate Social Responsibility—A Complete Reference Guide to Concepts, Codes and Organisations Wayne Visser, Dirk Matten, Manfred Pohl and Nick Tolhurst (eds) 2008 9780470723951
59 When Principles Pay—Corporate Social Responsibility and the Bottom Line Geoffrey Heal 2008 9780231144001
60 The World’s Business Cultures and How to Unlock Them Barry Tomalin and Mike Nicks 2007 9781854183699
61 Transparency—How Leaders Create a Culture of Candor Warren Bennis, Daniel Goleman, James O’Toole and Patricia Ward Biederman 2008 9780470278765
62 A Complaint Is a Gift—Recovering Customer Loyalty When Things Go Wrong, Second Edition Janelle Barlow and Claus Møller 2008 9781576755822
63 A Culture of Service—Creating Superior Customer Service That Lasts! David E. Reed 2007 9780978813796
64 The Customer Rules—The 14 Indispensable, Irrefutable, and Indisputable Qualities of the Greatest Service Companies in the World C. Britt Beemer and Robert L. Shook 2009 9780071603652
65 Ben Bernanke’s Fed—The Federal Reserve After Greenspan Ethan S. Harris 2008 9781422125847
66 Privatization—Successes and Failures Gérard Roland (ed) 2008 9780231141604
67 The Origin of Financial Crises—Central Banks, Credit Bubbles and the Efficient Market Fallacy George Cooper 2008 9781905641857
68 Business Ethics as Practice—Ethics as the Everyday Business of Business Mollie Painter-Morland 2008 9780521877459
69 Ethics for the Real World—Creating a Personal Code to Guide Decisions in Work and Life Ronald A. Howard and Clinton D. Korver 2008 9781422121061
70 Executive Ethics—Ethical Dilemmas and Challenges for the C-Suite Scott A. Quatro and Ronald R. Sims (eds) 2008 9781593117849
71 Leaders on Ethics—Real-World Perspectives on Today's Business Challenges John C. Knapp (ed) 2007 9780275996710
72 What Would You Do?—A Game of Ethical and Moral Dilemma, Leader’s Guide Lorraine L. Ukens 2008 9780787985370
73 Accounting for Non-Accountants—A Manual for Managers and Students, 7th Edition Graham Mott 2008 9780749452643
74 Financial Accounting, 6th Edition Jerry J. Weygandt, Paul D. Kimmel and Donald E. Kieso 2008 9780470128848
75 GAAP Policies and Procedures, Second Edition Steven M. Bragg 2007 9780470081839
76 International Accounting Standards—From UK Standards to IAS — An Accelerated Route to Understanding the Key Principles Paul Rodgers 2007 9780750682039
77 QuickBooks 2008 All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies Stephen L. Nelson 2008 9780470184714
78 The Complete Guide to Auditing Standards and Other Professional Standards for Accountants, Wiley 2008 Nick A. Dauber, Anique Ahmed Qureshi, Marc H. Levine and Joel G. Siegel 2008 9780470183977
79 Wiley CPA Exam Review 2009—Auditing and Attestation O. Ray Whittington and Patrick R. Delaney 2009 9780470286012
80 Wiley CPA Exam Review 2009—Business Environment and Concepts O. Ray Whittington and Patrick R. Delaney 2009 9780470286029
81 Wiley CPA Exam Review 2009—Financial Accounting and Reporting O. Ray Whittington and Patrick R. Delaney 2009 9780470286036
82 Wiley CPA Exam Review 2009—Regulation O. Ray Whittington and Patrick R. Delaney 2009 9780470286043
83 Wiley GAAP for Governments 2008—Interpretation and Application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for State and Local Governments Warren Ruppel 2008 9780470135204
84 Wiley IFRS—Policies and Procedures Barry J. Epstein and Eva K. Jermakowicz 2008 9780471699583
85 Wiley Practitioner's Guide to GAAS 2009—Covering all SASs, SSAEs, SSARSs, and Interpretations Michael J. Ramos 2009 9780470286128
86 Handbook of Asset and Liability Management—From Models to Optimal Return Strategies Alexandre Adam 2007 9780470034965
87 Tools and Techniques of Charitable Planning, Second Edition Stephan R. Leimberg et al 2007 9780872189362
88 Fair Lending Compliance—Intelligence and Implications for Credit Risk Management Clark R. Abrahams and Mingyuan Zhang 2008 9780470167762
89 Handbook of Financial Intermediation and Banking Anjan V. Thakor and Arnoud W. A. Boot (eds) 2008 9780444515582
90 Managing Credit Risk—The Great Challenge for the Global Financial Markets, Second Edition John B. Caouette, Edward I. Altman, Paul Narayanan and Robert Nimmo 2008 9780470118726
91 Risk Management and Shareholders' Value in Banking—From Risk Measurement Models to Capital Allocation Policies Andrea Resti and Andrea Sironi 2007 9780470029787
92 The Banker’s Handbook on Credit Risk—Implementing Basel II Morton Glantz and Johnathan Mun 2008 9780123736666
93 Value at Risk and Bank Capital Management Francesco Saita 2007 9780123694669
94 Costs and ROI—Evaluating at the Ultimate Level Jack J. Phillips and Lizette Zúñiga 2008 9780787987213
95 Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers, Second Edition Eliot H. Sherman 2006 9780761214540
96 Harriman's Financial Dictionary—Over 2,600 Essential Financial Terms Simon Briscoe and Jane Fuller (eds) 2007 9781897597743
97 Management Extra—Financial Management Elearn 2005 9780750666879
98 Mutual Fund Industry Handbook—A Comprehensive Guide for Investment Professionals Lee Gremillion 2005 9780471736240
99 Forecasting Expected Returns in the Financial Markets Stephen Satchell (ed) 2007 9780750683210
100 The Analytics of Risk Model Validation George Christodoulakis and Stephen Satchell (eds) 2008 9780750681582
101 PricewaterhouseCoopers 2009 Guide to Tax and Financial Planning—Including Analysis of the 2008 Tax Law Changes Richard Kohan, Mark T. Nash and Brittney Saks 2009 9780470284988
102 Tools and Techniques of Retirement Income Planning, First Edition Stephan R. Leimberg et al 2007 9780872189225
103 Health and Safety, Environment and Quality Audits Stephen Asbury and Peter Ashwell 2007 9780750680264
104 Perfect Power—How the Microgrid Revolution will Unleash Cleaner, Greener, and More Abundant Energy Robert W. Galvin and Kurt E. Yeager 2008 9780071548823
105 The Innovator’s Prescription—A Disruptive Solution for Health Care Clayton M. Christensen, Jerome H. Grossman and Jason Hwang 2009 9780071592086
106 Career Contentment—Don't Settle for Anything Less! Jeffrey Garton 2008 9781562865061
107 Career Moves Annabelle Reitman and Caitlin Williams 2006 9781562864569
108 10 Steps to Successful Facilitation The American Society for Training & Development 2008 9781562865382
109 Action Reflection Learning—Solving Real Business Problems by Connecting Learning with Earning Isabel Rimanoczy and Ernie Turner 2008 9780891062400
110 Lies About Learning—Leading Executives Separate Truth from Fiction in a $100 Billion Industry Larry Israelite (ed) 2006 9781562864545
111 Self-Processes, Learning, and Enabling Human Potential—Dynamic New Approaches Herbert Marsh, Rhonda G. Craven and Dennis M. McInerney (eds) 2008 9781593119041
112 WLP Scorecard—Why Learning Matters—A Comprehensive User's Guide Ray J. Rivera 2007 9781562864781
113 Work-Based Learning—Bridging Knowledge and Action in the Workplace, New and Revised Edition Joseph A. Raelin 2008 9780470182567
114 Fails to Meet Expectations—Performance Review Strategies for Underperforming Employees Corey Sandler and Janice Keefe 2008 9781598691450
115 Performance Appraisals—Strategies for Success Diane Arthur 2008 9780761214618
116 Deciding Who Leads—How Executive Recruiters Drive, Direct & Disrupt the Global Search for Leadership Talent Joseph Daniel McCool 2008 9780891062462
117 Handling Tough Job Interviews—Be Prepared, Perform Well, Get the Job, Revised and Updated 3rd Edition Julie-Ann Amos 2007 9781845282295
118 Success for Hire—Simple Strategies to Find and Keep Outstanding Employees Alexandra Levit 2008 9781562865047
119 Working Relationships—Using Emotional Intelligence to Enhance Your Effectiveness with Others, Revised Edition Bob Wall 2008 9780891061885
120 Merit Pay—Linking Pay to Performance in a Changing World, Second Edition Robert L. Heneman and Jon M. Werner 2005 9781931576475
121 HRD in the Age of Globalization—A Practical Guide to Workplace Learning in the Third Millennium Mike Marquardt, Nancy Berger and Peter Loan 2004 9780465043835
122 Human Resource Management—Contemporary Issues, Challenges and Opportunities Ronald R. Simms (ed) 2007 9781593115265
123 Human Resource Transformation—Demonstrating Strategic Leadership in the Face of Future Trends William J. Rothwell 2008 9780891062516
124 The Everything Human Resource Management Book—Attract and Keep the People Who Will Drive Your Company’s Success Sharon Anne Waldrop 2008 9781598696240
125 Succession Planning Basics Christee Gabour Atwood 2007 9781562864774
126 A Practical Guide To Training and Development—Assess, Design, Deliver, and Evaluate Michael Moskowitz 2008 9780470189467
127 Hold On, You Lost Me! —Use Learning Styles to Create Training That Sticks Bernice McCarthy and Jeanine O’Neill-Blackwell 2007 9781562864972
128 How To Manage Training—Facilitating Workplace Learning for High Performance Carolyn Nilson 2007 9780761214564
129 Training Design and Delivery, Second Edition Geri E. McArdle 2007 9781562864705

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