Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sales Success Essence - Integrity and Trust. 2 Sales Mistakes and Its WorkArounds - Lacking Integrity, Getting Discouraged.

MISTAKE #1: Lacking Integrity
Integrity and trust go hand in hand as qualities for sales success. It is impossible to have one without the other. If you trust someone, it is most likely because they are trustworthy and they have solid ethics and integrity. If a person lacks either of the two, they generally will lack both.
It is the willingness and ability to do what is right-not what you or others think is right—and there is often a difference.

Most people who have been brought up in the right surroundings know what is right, yet they hope they can get away with something—anything—and that their words and actions will remain forever locked in their own minds.
The question we must ask ourselves when we consider doing what is wrong versus what is right is; can I handle getting caught?
Is the price worth it? How will I react to getting caught? Wouldn't it just be easier to deal in truth? All the time?
The answer is yes. So why do people misrepresent, lie, or tell little "innocent" fibs? I don't know. We are all guilty—at east one time in our lives and most of us several times—of shading the truth for what we feel is a justifiable cause. Is this wrong? I am not a moralist. But I do believe that character and integrity are related.
Here are a few simple questions to ask the next time you are considering being anything less than truthful:
1.    What will I lose and gain by dealing in untruth?
2.    Who will this lack of truth impact other than me?
3.    Is it easy for me to shade the truth, and do I do it often? Why?
4.    If I deal only in the truth—all the time—what will that do for me?

Turn It Around
Always deal in the truth, no matter what.

MISTAKE #2: Getting Discouraged
Have you ever wanted to quit anything? What was the cause of your discouragement? Was it a sense of loss? Feeling out of control? Loss of faith in yourself or the future? Was it feeling that your present circumstances would never end?
Whatever the cause, I can only tell you that this emotion, more than most other emotions, will dram your creativity, purpose, and resolve. Discouragement is a signal that something is wrong, something in your life needs to change. You can pay attention to its warning signs and find another way to approach whatever is causing your pain—or you can choose to whine, blame, or hide.
The one thing that has helped me more than any other is my faith in God and the knowledge that "this, too, shall pass."

During difficult times, I have known deep in my soul and heart that what was happening was necessary for me in order to make a change in my life. It was life's way of guiding me to a better tomorrow. It was not meant to break me, but to show me a better path. For many years, I ignored this inner guidance, feeling that I could do everything on my own without help from anyone or anything. As I matured, however, I came to learn and accept that we all need help from someone sooner or later.
People will often let you down in your time of need. There is one guiding truth we all must learn if we are to overcome the feelings of loss of control: we are all on God's path to perfection, and we will all make mistakes traveling that path.
If you are discouraged today about anything, know that this discouragement is in your life for your higher good. I know that while you are in the depths of despair this is a difficult request, but it is one that I believe you must learn to accept with grace and gratitude.

Turn It Around
Remember that all things pass. Just relax.


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  1. Forget about trying to "sell" your product or service and focus instead on why your prospect wants to buy. To do this, you need to get fascinated with your prospect; you need to ask questions (lots and lots of them) with no ulterior motives.


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