Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Reflection after the World Cup

During World Cup period, soccer betting was rampant around the globe. In developing countries, even the poor couldn't resist the temptation to join the excitement. The rich were also speculating heavily to earn big bucks fast. But you know the result, right? the winner of this sports betting is the bookies, not the gamblers. You may have noticed many big flops of the favorite teams. Statistics showed that in many matches, favorite team seldom beat the non-favorite one. The earliest big favorite flops was Spain. Switzerland beaten Spain in courageous, well coordinated game. Many people shocked completely with the result. Why such big-stars-filled team can be defeated by minnows? The event teach us important lessons: there is no strong predictability with any sport game. Even though, on paper it looks like an obvious win, mistakes or poor play just happen.

Fortunately, I didn't bet during the World Cup. The temptation from business partners and friends was enormous, but I politely said to them that I didn't want to do that. Thanks God, if I bet, then I may join millions of people who lost the fortune during that period. I saw plenty businessman got cash flow problem during and after World Cup. Family rifts escalated after they were forced to sell their property to cover the loss. Now is the time to rebuild their lives for everyone. Importantly, make commitment not to repeat the same mistakes in future.



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