Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Healthcare Industry's Unique Requirements

When you visited modern hospitals or health care centers, you'll find many unique technological improvements designed to improve efficiency, lower costs, improve patient care and deliver quality medical services. From RFID, Medical Imaging, Medical Robots, to special Medical Computer/Terminal are just few examples. What an interesting observation is : Medical Computer/Terminal differs from your home PC/Workstation. It has special features that are designed to meet patients and medical practitioner's unique requirements - Anti-bacterial plastic enclosure, Water-proof and Dust-proof sealed front panel, Ergonomics design, Fan-less design. IP65 rated Touch screen panel is designed for dust-free and water-proof operation, where you can spray and wipe down without the risk of damaging the unit. The protective plastic case that contains an anti-microbial additive are important for hygienic medical facilities and clean hospital environments. Fan-less digital terminal offers extreme reliability with its noise-free operation. In overall, this special medical All in One PC deliver seamless integration and effortless functionality for busy hospitals and clinics to provide high quality care and meets the strictest of standards in patient safety.

In addition, Healthcare industry faces many challenges to meet unique regulatory compliance. For healthcare organizations, HIPAA compliance is a top priority. Failure to comply with HIPAA, Sarbarnes-Oxley Act, Freedom of Information Act, plus other industry standards can be costly. Healthcare organizations must be able to quickly discover and produce large amounts of information in response to litigation or regulatory investigations. For this, they need reliable Email Archiving Solution with centralized data management and on-demand storage capabilities to comply with this regulations. For an organization without email archiving in place, this means the necessity of searching old message from back-up tapes. Back-up tapes are an expensive and impractical method of preserving email for archival. The time necessary to search and retrieve historical email stored on back-up tapes are just too great and infeasible/impractical. Email Archiving Appliance is the right solution for email storage, search, and retrieval. Email Archiving Appliance offers Unified Content (email, file system, etc) Discovery, Enterprise scalability and fine grain Retention Management and Exclusion Policies.



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