Monday, August 3, 2015

259 New Business Management Books – New Updates for August 2015


Here are 259 New Business Books & Management EBooks added on August 2015


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No    Book Title    Authors    Publication Year    ISBN No
===    ===========    =======    ================    

1    Mastering Leadership—A Vital Resource for Health Care Organizations    Alan T. Belasen, Barry Eisenberg and John W. Huppertz    2016    9781284043235
2    Ethics in Health Administration-A Practical Approach for Decision Makers, Third Edition    Eileen E. Morrison    2016    9781284070651
3    The Integrated Reporting Movement—Meaning, Momentum, Motives, and Materiality    Robert G. Eccles, Michael P. Krzus and Sydney Ribot    2015    9781118646984
4    The Leadership Crisis and the Free Market Cure-Why the Future of Business Depends on the Return to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness    John A. Allison    2015    9780071831116
5    Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism—Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications    Information Resources Management Association (IRMA)    2015    9781466665439
6    Social Media Law for Business—A Practical Guide for Using Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Blogs Without Stepping on Legal Land Mines    Glen Gilmore    2015    9780071799607
7    The Scorecard Solution—Measure What Matters and Drive Sustainable Growth    Dan E. King    2015    9780814434925
8    Fundamentals of Enterprise Risk Management—How Top Companies Assess Risk, Manage Exposure, and Seize Opportunity, Second Edition    John J. Hampton    2015    9780814449035
9    PHR/SPHR Professional in Human Resources Certification All-in-One—Exam Guide    Dory Willer and William H. Truesdell    2015    9780071825207
10    Becoming Your Best-The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders    Steven R. Shallenberger    2015    9780071839983
11    From Idea to Innovation—A Handbook for Inventors, Decision Makers and Organizations    Bernd X. Weis    2015    9783642541704
12    Bitcoin for the Befuddled    Conrad Barski and Chris Wilmer    2015    9781593275730
13    Selling Above And Below The Line—Convince the C-Suite. Win Over Management. Secure the Sale.    William “Skip” Miller    2015    9780814434833
14    Lead Like it Matters … Because it Does—Practical Leadership Tools to Inspire and Engage Your People and Create Great Results    Roxi Bahar Hewertson    2015    9780071833028
15    Human Resource Management Practices—Assessing Added Value    Maike Andresen and Christian Nowak (eds)    2015    9783319081854
16    Fizz-Harness The Power of Word of Mouth Marketing to Drive Brand Growth    Ted Wright    2015    9780071835749
17    Financial Ratios for Executives—How to Assess Company Strength, Fix Problems, and Make Better Decisions    Michael Rist and Albert J. Pizzica    2015    9781484207321
18    The Courage to Take Command—Leadership Lessons from a Military Trailblazer    Jill Morgenthaler    2015    9780071834940
19    Amp Up Your Sales    Andy Paul    2015    9780814434871
20    How to Succeed With Continuous Improvement-A Primer for Becoming the Best in the World    Joakim Ahlström    2015    9780071835237
21    Brainscripts for Sales Success-21 Hidden Principles of Consumer Psychology for Winning New Customers    Drew Eric Whitman    2015    9780071833608
22    Trust-Based Selling—Finding and Keeping Customers for Life    David A. Monty    2015    9781484208755
23    Stacking the Deck—How to Lead Breakthrough Change against Any Odds    David S. Pottruck    2015    9781118966884
24    Always in Fashion—From Clerk to CEO—Lessons for Success in Business and in Life    Mark Weber    2015    9780071849395
25    Exceptional Leadership-16 Critical Competencies for Healthcare Executives, Second Edition    Carson F. Dye and Andrew N. Garman    2015    9781567936735
26    Blind Ambition-How to Envision Your Limitless Potential and Achieve the Success You Want    Patricia Walsh    2015    9780071833820
27    Service Fanatics—How to Build Superior Patient Experience the Cleveland Clinic Way    James J. Darazsdi    2015    9780071833257
28    The Profitable Supply Chain—A Practitioner's Guide    Ramnath Ganesan    2015    9781484205273
29    Claiming Your Place at the Boardroom Table-The Essential Handbook for Excellence in Governance and Effective Directorship    Thomas F. Bakewell and James J. Darazsdi    2015    9780071833585
30    Customer Focused Process Innovation-Linking Strategic Intent to Everyday Execution    David Hamme    2015    9780071834704
31    The Community Manager's Playbook—How to Build Brand Awareness and Customer Engagement    Lauren Perkins    2015    9781430249955
32    Evergreen—Cultivate the Enduring Customer Loyalty That Keeps Your Business Thriving    Noah Fleming    2015    9780814434437
33    Think and Grow Digital-What the Net Generation Needs To Know To Survive and Thrive In Any Organization    Joris Merks-Benjaminsen    2015    9780071835367
34    Brand Aid—A Quick Reference Guide to Solving Your Branding Problems and Strengthening Your Market Position, Second Edition    Brad VanAuken    2015    9780814434734
35    Empowering Organizations through Corporate Social Responsibility    Ruth Wolf, Theodora Issa and Monica Thiel (eds)    2015    9781466672949
36    Lean Six Sigma Approaches in Manufacturing, Services, and Production    Edem G. Tetteh and Benedict M. Uzochukwu (eds)    2015    9781466673205
37    Business Process Standardization—A Multi-Methodological Analysis of Drivers and Consequences    Björn Münstermann (ed)    2015    9781466672369
38    Handbook of Research on Managing and Influencing Consumer Behavior    Hans Ruediger Kaufmann (ed)    2015    9781466665477
39    Risk Management—Concepts and Guidance, Fifth Edition    Carl L. Pritchard    2015    9781482258455
40    Quick Team-Building Activities for Busy Managers, Second Edition    Brian Cole Miller    2015    9780814436332
41    Strategic Management of Healthcare Organizations-A Stakeholder Management Approach    Jeffrey S. Harrison and Steven M. Thompson    2015    9781606497722
42    The Stay Interview    Richard P. Finnegan    2015    9780814436493
43    Happiness and Virtue Ethics in Business—The Ultimate Value Proposition    Alejo José G. Sison    2015    9781107044630
44    Chess Not Checkers—Elevate Your Leadership Game    Mark Miller    2015    9781626563940
45    The Lean Healthcare Dictionary—An Illustrated Guide to Using the Language of Lean Management in Healthcare    Rona Consulting Group    2015    9781482232899
46    The Confidence Myth—Why women undervalue their skills and how to get over it    Helene Lerner    2015    9781626562028
47    Make It Matter—How Managers Can Motivate by Creating Meaning    Scott Mautz    2015    9780814436172
48    Corporate Valuation Using the Free Cash Flow Method Applied to Coca-Cola    Carl B. McGowan    2015    9781631570292
49    Best Practices for Managing BPI Projects—Six Steps to Success    Gina Abudi and Yusuf Abudi    2015    9781604270969
50    The Attacker’s Advantage—Turning Uncertainty into Breakthrough Opportunities    Ram Charan    2015    9781610394741
51    Emerging and Frontier Markets-The New Frontline for Global Trade    Marcus Goncalves and José Alves    2015    9781631570193
52    Strategic Management-An Executive Perspective    Cornelis A. de Kluyver    2015    9781631570735
53    Preparing for Continuous Quality Improvement for Healthcare—Sustainability through Functional Tree Structures    Reza Ziaee and James Bologna    2015    9781466567702
54    Marketing Your Value-9 Steps to Navigate Your Career    Michael Edmondson    2015    9781631572180
55    Leadership for a Fractured World—How To Cross Boundaries, Build Bridges, and Lead Change    Dean Williams    2015    9781626562653
56    Got Your Attention- How to Create Intrigue and Connect with Anyone    Sam Horn    2015    9781626562509
57    The Customer-Driven Organization—Employing the Kano Model    Lance B. Coleman    2015    9781482217100
58    Lean Today, Rich Tomorrow—Succeeding in Today's Globalization Chaos    Joe Bichai    2015    9781482235647
59    Peter Drucker’s Five Most Important Questions—Enduring Wisdom For Young Leaders    Peter F. Drucker et al.    2015    9781118979594
60    Corporate Social Responsibility-A Strategic Perspective    David Chandler    2015    9781606499146
61    What’s Your Future Worth- Using Present Value To Make Better Decisions    Peter Neuwirth    2015    9781626563018
62    Responsible Management Accounting and Controlling-A Practical Handbook for Sustainability, Responsibility, and Ethics    Daniel A. Ette    2015    9781606498224
63    Man-Made-Why So Few Women Are in Positions of Power    Eva Tutchell and John Edmonds    2015    9781472432124
64    Communication Skills Training    Maureen Orey    2015    9781562869656
65    The Brand Challenge—Adapting Branding to Sectorial Imperatives    Kartikeya Kompella (ed)    2015    9780749470159
66    Followership—What It Takes to Lead    James H. Schindler    2015    9781606497326
67    Doing Business in Emerging Markets—Roadmap for Success    Marcus Goncalves, José Alves and Rajabahadur V. Arcot    2015    9781631570179
68    The Search for Best Practices—Doing the Right Thing the Right Way    Rob Reider    2015    9781631570773
69    Hyper-Productive Knowledge Work Performance—The TameFlow Approach and its Application to Scrum and Kanban    Steve Tendon and Wolfram Müller    2015    9781604271065
70    Finance—A Quantitative Introduction, Volume I    Piotr Staszkiewicz and Lucia Staszkiewicz    2015    9780128015841
71    Developing Successful Business Strategies—Gaining the Competitive Advantage    Rob Reider    2015    9781631570797
72    Your Leadership Story—Use Your Story To Energize, Inspire, And Motivate    Timothy J. Tobin    2015    9781626562943
73    Light a Fire under Your Business-How to Build a Class 1 Corporate Culture through Inspirational Leadership    Tom Pandola and James W. Bird    2015    9781440834585
74    Introduction to International Disaster Management, Third Edition    Damon P. Coppola    2015    9780128014776
75    Employee Engagement    Emma Bridger    2015    9780749472016
76    Business Strategy (The Brian Tracy Success Library)    Brian Tracy    2015    9780814436271
77    Be Your Customer’s Hero    Adam Toporek    2015    9780814449059
78    Armstrong's Handbook of Performance Management—An Evidence-Based Guide to Delivering High Performance, 5th Edition    Michael Armstrong    2015    9780749470296
79    From Manufacture to Mindfacture—A Relational Viable Systems Theory    Leonardo Lavanderos and Kenneth Massey (eds)    2015    9781466673694
80    Improving Sales and Marketing Collaboration-A Step-by-Step Guide    Avinash Malshe and Wim Biemans    2015    9781606498026
81    Business Ethics and Diversity in the Modern Workplace    Philippe W. Zgheib    2015    9781466672543
82    Brand Psychology—Consumer Perceptions, Corporate Reputations    Jonathan Gabay    2015    9780749471736
83    The Aesthetic of Play    Brian Upton    2015    9780262028516
84    Spike Your Brand ROI—How to Maximize Reputation and Get Results    Adele R. Cehrs    2015    9781118976661
85    Enterprise Relationship Management—A Paradigm For Alliance Success    Andrew Humphries and Richard Gibbs    2015    9781472429087
86    Business Continuity Management System—A Complete Framework for Implementing ISO 22301    Wei Ning Zechariah Wong and Jianping Shi    2015    9780749469115
87    9 Powerful Practices of Really Great Mentors-How to Inspire and Motivate Anyone    Stephen E. Kohn and Vincent D. O’Connell    2015    9781601632937
88    International Operations-How Multiple International Environments Impact Productivity and Location Decisions    Harm-Jan Steenhuis    2015    9781606495780
89    Five Dimensions of Quality—A Common Sense Guide To Accreditation And Accountability    Linda Suskie    2015    9781118761571
90    Exploring Internal Communication—Towards Informed Employee Voice, Third Edition    Kevin Ruck (ed)    2015    9781472430670
91    Humanizing Big Data—Marketing at the Meeting of Data, Social Science and Consumer Insight    Colin Strong    2015    9780749472115
92    Dare to Serve—How to Drive Superior Results by Serving Others    Cheryl Bachelder    2015    9781626562356
93    Using Accounting & Financial Information-Analyzing, Forecasting & Decision-Making    Mark S. Bettner    2015    9781606496404
94    Supply Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals—Research, Process, and Resources    Jeanette Jones and Kelly Barner    2015    9781604271010
95    Responsible Governance-International Perspectives for the New Era    Tom Cockburn    2015    9781606498927
96    Digital Marketing Management-A Handbook for the Current (or Future) CEO    Debra Zahay    2015    9781606499245
97    Business Continuity from Preparedness to Recovery—A Standards-Based Approach    Eugene Tucker    2015    9780124200630
98    Profiling the Fraudster—Removing the Mask to Prevent and Detect Fraud    Simon Padgett    2015    9781118871041
99    Leading with Cultural Intelligence—The Real Secret to Success, Second Edition    David Livermore    2015    9780814449172
100    Becoming The Best—Build A World-Class Organization Through Values-Based Leadership        2015    9781118999424
101    Mass Customization—Opportunities, Methods, and Challenges for Manufacturers    Hans Kull    2015    9781484210086
102    Future Smart—Managing the Game-Changing Trends that will Transform Your World    James Canton    2015    9780306822865
103    Cyberconnecting—The Three Lenses of Diversity    Priya E. Abraham    2015    9781409434467
104    You’re Lying! Secrets from an Expert Military Interrogator to Spot the Lies and Get to the Truth    Lena Sisco    2015    9781601633620
105    Leader Evolution-From Technical Expertise to Strategic Leadership    Alan Patterson    2015    9781606499108
106    Key Account Management—Tools and Techniques for Achieving Profitable Key Supplier Status, 6th Edition    Peter Cheverton    2015    9780749469405
107    International Auditing Standards in the United States-Comparing and Understanding Standards for ISA and PCAOB    Asokan Anandarajan and Gary Kleinman    2015    9781606496121
108    Cases on Branding Strategies and Product Development—Successes and Pitfalls    Sarmistha Sarma and Sukhvinder Singh (eds)    2015    9781466673939
109    The ART of Responsible Communication-Leading with Values Every Day    David L. Remund    2015    9781606497548
110    Your Customer Rules! Delivering the Me2B Experiences That Today’s Customers Demand    Bill Price and David Jaffe    2015    9781118954775
111    Sustainable Markets for Sustainable Business-A Global Perspective for Business and Financial Markets    Güler Aras (ed)    2015    9781472433411
112    A Strategic and Tactical Approach to Global Business Ethics, Second Edition    Lawrence A. Beer    2015    9781631570711
113    The Responsible Leader—Developing a Culture of Responsibility in an Uncertain World    Tim Richardson    2015    9780749471811
114    Payroll Practice Fundamentals, 2015 Edition    American Payroll Association    2015    9781934951804
115    Fraud and Fraud Detection—A Data Analytics Approach    Sunder Gee    2015    9781118779651
116    Frame Innovation-Create New Thinking by Design    Kees Dorst    2015    9780262324311
117    The Digital Economy Anniversary Edition-Rethinking Promise And Peril In The Age Of Networked Intelligence    Don Tapscott    2015    9780071835558
118    Customer-Centric Marketing—Supporting Sustainability in the Digital Age    Neil Richardson, Jon James and Neil Kelley    2015    9780749472092
119    The Conflict Paradox—Seven Dilemmas At The Core Of Disputes    Bernard S. Mayer    2015    9781118852910
120    Capital Budgeting    Sandeep Goel    2015    9781606499863
121    Advanced Negotiation Techniques    Alan McCarthy and Steve Hay    2015    9781484208519
122    The Guide to Successful Electronic Payments, 2015 Edition    American Payroll Association    2015    9781934951880
123    Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins—How to Use Your Own Stories to Communicate with Power and Impact, Second Edition    Annette Simmons    2015    9780814449134
124    The Value Trail-How to Effectively Understand, Deploy and Monitor Successful Business Models    Marc Sansó    2015    9781472452566
125    Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Revised Edition    David B. Grant, Alexander Trautrims and Chee Yew Wong    2015    9780749473860
126    Doing Good by Doing Good—Why Creating Shared Value is the Key to Powering Business Growth and Innovation    Peter Baines    2015    9780730314844
127    Creating Effective Sales and Marketing Relationships    Kenneth Le Meunier-FitzHugh and Leslie Caroline Le Meunier-FitzHugh    2015    9781606498583
128    Agile Readiness-Four Spheres of Lean and Agile Transformation    Thomas P. Wise and Reuben Daniel    2015    9781472417435
129    Designing the Purposeful Organization—How to Inspire Business Performance Beyond Boundaries    Clive Wilson    2015    9780749472207
130    The Big Data-Driven Business—How to Use Big Data to Win Customers, Beat Competitors, and Boost Profits    Russell Glass and Sean Callahan    2015    9781118889800
131    The Lean Leader—A Personal Journey of Transformation    Robert B. Camp    2015    9781498700757
132    Exercising Agency-Decision Making and Project Initiation    Mark Mullaly    2015    9781472427885
133    Engaging Millennials for Ethical Leadership-What Works for Young Professionals and Their Managers    Jessica McManus Warnell    2015    9781606499887
134    Architecting the Future Enterprise    Deborah J. Nightingale and Donna H. Rhodes    2015    9780262028820
135    The Good Ones—Ten Crucial Qualities of High-Character Employees    Bruce Weinstein    2015    9781608682744
136    Connection Culture    Michael Lee Stallard    2015    9781562869274
137    The Psychology of Fear in Organizations—How to Transform Anxiety into Well-being, Productivity and Innovation    Sheila M. Keegan    2015    9780749472542
138    Training in Motion—How to Use Movement to Create Engaging and Effective Learning    Mike Kuczala    2015    9780814434949
139    Mastering Complexity—Adding Coherence Throughout Your Business with Dependency Structure Spreadsheets    Stephen Denker    2015    9781498700795
140    Unstoppable—Using the Power of Focus to Take Action and Achieve Your Goals    Pete Wilkinson    2015    9780857085825
141    Marketing and Consumer Behavior—Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications, Volume I    Information Resources Management Association (IRMA)    2015    9781466673571
142    Marketing and Consumer Behavior—Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications, Volume II    Information Resources Management Association (IRMA)    2015    9781466673571
143    Marketing and Consumer Behavior—Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications, Volume III    Information Resources Management Association (IRMA)    2015    9781466673571
144    Marketing and Consumer Behavior—Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications, Volume IV    Information Resources Management Association (IRMA)    2015    9781466673571
145    Green Logistics—Improving the Environmental Sustainability of Logistics, 3rd Edition    Alan McKinnon, Michael Browne, Maja Piecyk and Anthony Whiteing (eds)    2015    9780749471859
146    Persuasive Copywriting—Using Psychology to Influence, Engage and Sell    Andy Maslen    2015    9780749473990
147    Leaders Don't Command—Inspire Growth, Ingenuity, and Collaboration    Jorge Cuervo    2015    9781562869359
148    The Introverted Presenter—Ten Steps for Preparing and Delivering Successful Presentations    Richard Tierney    2015    9781484210895
149    International Business Ethics and Growth Opportunities    Ruth Wolf and Theodora Issa (eds)    2015    9781466674196
150    Startupland—How Three Guys Risked Everything To Turn An Idea Into A Global Business    Mikkel Svane and Carlye Adler    2015    9781118980811
151    Singletasking—Get More Done—One Thing at a Time    Devora Zack    2015    9781626562615
152    Online Marketing to Investors-How to Develop Effective Investor Relations    Daniel R. Valentine    2015    9781631571404
153    Making Sense of Change Management—A Complete Guide to the Models, Tools and Techniques of Organizational Change, 4th Edition    Esther Cameron and Mike Green    2015    9780749472580
154    Modern Mentoring    Randy Emelo    2015    9781562869335
155    The Mindset of Success—From Good Management to Great Leadership    Jo Owen    2015    9780749473112
156    Impact of Diversity on Organization and Career Development    Claretha Hughes (ed)    2015    9781466673243
157    The Center for Creative Leadership Handbook of Coaching in Organizations    Douglas D. Riddle, Emily R. Hoole and Elizabeth C. D. Gullette (eds)    2015    9781118841488
158    The Talent Development Platform—Putting People First in Social Change Organizations    Healther L. Carpenter and Tera Wozniak Qualls    2015    9781118873885
159    Communicate to Influence—How to Inspire Your Audience to Action    Ben Decker and Kelly Decker    2015    9780071839839
160    Handbook of Research on Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibilities    Daniel E. Palmer (ed)    2015    9781466674769
161    The Procurement Value Proposition—The Rise of Supply Management    Gerard Chick and Robert Handfield    2015    9780749471194
162    The Art of Consultative Selling in IT—Taking Blue Ocean Strategy a Step Ahead    Venkatesh Upadrista    2015    9781498707718
163    Agile Foundations—Principles, Practices and Frameworks    Peter Measey (ed)    2015    9781780172545
164    Measuring and Addressing Talent Gaps Globally    William J. Rothwell, Angela L.M. Stopper and Aileen G. Zaballero    2015    9781562869991
165    Humanise—Why Human-Centred Leadership is the Key to The 21st Century    Anthony Howard    2015    9780730316640
166    Hidden Strengths—Unleashing the Crucial Leadership Skills You Already Have    Thuy Sindell and Milo Sindell    2015    9781626562837
167    A Beautiful Constraint—How to Transform Your Limitations into Advantages, and Why It's Everyone's Business    Adam Morgan and Mark Barden    2015    9781118899014
168    Product Information Management—Theory and Practice    Jorij Abraham    2014    9783319048840
169    Designing Organizations—Strategy, Structure, and Process at the Business Unit and Enterprise Levels, Third Edition    Jay R. Galbraith    2014    9781118409954
170    Customer Knowledge Management—Leveraging Soft Skills to Improve Customer Focus    Soumit Sain and Silvio Wilde    2014    9783319050584
171    Winner Takes All—Seven-and–a-half Principles for Winning More Bids, Tenders and Proposals    Scott Keyser    2014    9781907794506
172    Time & Stress Management for Rookies    Frances Kay    2014    9780462099552
173    Emotional Intelligence for Rookies    Andrea Bacon and Ali Dawson    2014    9780462099798
174    Closing-5 Sales Skills for Achieving Win-Win Outcomes    Craig Christensen, Sean Frontz and Dennis Susa    2014   
175    Sustainability and Human Resource Management-Developing Sustainable Business Organizations    Ina Ehnert, Klaus J. Zink and Wes Harry (eds)    2014    9783642375231
176    The Old Rush—Marketing for Gold in the Age of Aging    Peter Hubbell    2014    9780985286460
177    Not Knowing—The Art of Turning Uncertainty into Opportunity    Steven D'Souza and Diana Renner    2014    9781907794483
178    It's Never Ok to Kiss the Interviewer—…and other Secrets to Surviving, Thriving and High Fiving at Work    Jane Sunley    2014    9781907794605
179    Supplier Relationship Management—Unlocking the Hidden Value in Your Supply Base    Jonathan O’Brien    2014    9780749468064
180    Strategic Management of Global Manufacturing Networks—Aligning Strategy, Configuration, and Coordination    Thomas Friedli, Andreas Mundt and Stefan Thomas    2014    9783642341847
181    Practical Sustainability Strategies—How to Gain a Competitive Advantage    Nikos Avlonas and George P. Nassos    2014    9781118250440
182    Marketing Value Metrics—A New Metrics Model to Measure Marketing Effectiveness    Malcolm McDonald, Peter Mouncey and Stan Maklan    2014    9780749468972
183    Generation Y for Rookies    Sally Bibb    2014    9780462099804
184    Visual Strategy—Strategy Mapping for Public and Nonprofit Organizations    John M. Bryson, Fran Ackermann and Colin Eden    2014    9781118605929
185    Social Networking for Rookies    Tina Bettison    2014    9780462099545
186    Information Systems for Healthcare Management, Eighth Edition    Detlev H. Smaltz, Gerald L. Glandon and Donna J. Slovensky    2014    9781567935998
187    Business Fundamentals for Engineering Managers    C. M. Chang    2014    9781606504789
188    Leadership Team Coaching in Practice—Developing High Performing Teams    Peter Hawkins (ed)    2014    9780749469726
189    The Tracks We Leave-Ethics & Management Dilemmas in Healthcare, Second Edition    Frankie Perry    2014    9781567935783
190    Managing in a Service Focused World—I, Team, Stewards and Marketplace    Roger K. Williams    2014    9781849286855
191    Managing the Urgent and Unexpected—Twelve Project Cases and a Commentary    Stephen Wearne and Keith White-Hunt    2014    9781472442505
192    The Coder's Path to Wealth and Independence    Mark Beckner    2014    9781484204221
193    Leadership for Great Customer Service - Satisfied Employees, Satisfied Patients, Second Edition    Thom A. Mayer and Robert J. Cates    2014    9781567936421
194    Disruption by Design—How to Create Products that Disrupt and then Dominate Markets    Paul Paetz    2014    9781430246329
195    Reading Financial Reports For Dummies, 3rd Edition    Lita Epstein    2014    9781118761939
196    Speak Up, Show Up, and Stand Out—The 9 Communication Rules You Need to Succeed    Loretta Malandro    2014    9780071837545
197    Introduction to Health Policy    Leiyu Shi    2014    9781567935806
198    Fundamentals of Risk Management—Understanding, Evaluating and Implementing Effective Risk Management, 3rd Edition    Paul Hopkin    2014    9780749472443
199    Creating Authentic Organizations—Bringing Meaning and Engagement Back to Work    Robin Ryde and Lisa Sofianos    2014    9780749471439
200    The Agility Advantage—How to Identify and Act on Opportunities in a Fast-Changing World    Amanda Setili    2014    9781118836385
201    The Power of Thanks-How Social Recognition Empowers Employees and Creates a Best Place to Work    Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine    2014    9780071838405
202    Humanitarian Logistics—Meeting the Challenge of Preparing for and Responding to Disasters, Second Edition    Peter Tatham and Martin Christopher (eds)    2014    9780749470876
203    The Breakthrough Challenge—10 Ways to Connect Today’s Profits with Tomorrow’s Bottom Line    John Elkington and Jochen Zeitz    2014    9781118539699
204    The 27 Challenges Managers Face—Step-by-Step Solutions to (Nearly) All of Your Management Problems    Bruce Tulgan    2014    9781118725597
205    Double the Love—11 Secrets for Cultivating Highly Accountable and Engaged Teams    Lisa Haneberg    2014    9781939247049
206    Strategic Procurement—Organizing Suppliers and Supply Chains for Competitive Advantage, 2nd Edition    Caroline Booth    2014    9780749472283
207    The Conscious Leader—9 Principles and Practices to Create a Wide-Awake and Productive Workplace    Shelley Reciniello    2014    9780985286446
208    Mastering Strategic Risk—A Framework for Leading and Transforming Organizations    Joel E. Mcphee    2014    9781118757291
209    Creating Engaged Employees—It's Worth the Investment    William J. Rothwell (ed)    2014    9781562869106
210    Change Your Space, Change Your Culture—How Engaging Workspaces Lead to Transformation and Growth    Rex Miller, Mabel Casey and Mark Konchar    2014    9781118937815
211    The Moment You Can’t Ignore—WHEN Big Trouble LEADS TO A Great Future—How Culture Drives Strategic Change    Malachi O’Connor and Barry Dornfeld    2014    9781610394659
212    Feeling Smart- Why Our Emotions Are More Rational Than We Think    Eyal Winter    2014    9781610394901
213    Winning the Long Game—How Strategic Leaders Shape the Future    Steven Krupp and Paul J. H. Schoemaker    2014    9781610394475
214    Integrated Assurance—Risk Governance Beyond Boundaries    Vicky Kubitscheck    2014    9781409423591
215    Reading Between the Signs—Intercultural Communication for Sign Language Interpreters, 3rd Edition    Anna Mindess    2014    9781941176023
216    Make Your People before You Make Your Products—Using Talent Management to Achieve Competitive Advantage in Global Organizations    Paul Turner and Danny Kalman    2014    9781118899588
217    Corporate Governance in the US and Global Settings—Advances in Financial Economics, Volume 17    Kose John, Anil K. Makhija and Stephen P. Ferris (eds)    2014    9781784412920
218    The Strategic Alliance Handbook—A Practitioners Guide to Business-to-Business Collaborations    Mike Nevin    2014    9780566087790
219    Understanding Global Crises—An Emerging Paradigm    Assaf Razin    2014    9780262028592
220    Team Leadership in High-Hazard Environments?Performance, Safety and Risk Management Strategies for Operational Teams    Randy E. Cadieux    2014    9781472433534
221    Markets for Managers—A Managerial Economics Primer    Anthony J. Evans    2014    9781118867969
222    Effective Client Management in Professional Services—How to Build Successful Client Relationships    Jack Berkovi    2014    9781409437895
223    Starting Strong—A Mentoring Fable—Strategies for Success in the First 90 Days    Lois J. Zachary and Lory A. Fischler    2014    9781118767719
224    The Effective Change Manager's Handbook—Essential Guidance to the Change Management Body of Knowledge    Richard Smith, David King, Ranjit Sidhu and Dan Skelsey (eds)    2014    9780749473075
225    Qualitative Inquiry In Evaluation—From Theory to Practice    Leslie Goodyear, Eric Barela, Jennifer Jewiss and Janet Usinger (eds)    2014    9780470447673
226    Electronic Health Records—Strategies For Long-Term Success    Michael Fossel and Susan Dorfman    2013    9781567935608
227    Only Connect—The Art of Corporate Storytelling    Robert Mighall    2013    9781907794452
228    The Diagrams Book—50 Ways to Solve any Problem Visually    Kevin Duncan    2013    9781907794292
229    Corporate Reputation    Enrique Carreras, Àngel Alloza and Ana Carreras    2013    9788483567975
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259    Blueprint for Corporate Governance—Strategy, Accountability, and the Preservation of Shareholder Value    Fred R. Kaen    2003    9780814405864



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