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328 Science Enginering Books. Manufacturing Engineering Ebooks. Chemical Engineering Book. BioEngineering Ebook. Mechanical Engineering Ebook. And Many More.....

*********** Here are 328 New Science And Engineering Books added  on July 2014. *************

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No    Book Title    Authors    ISBN No

1    2012 International Building Code Handbook    Douglas W. Thornburg and John R. Henry    9780071801317
2    4G—LTE/LTE-Advanced for Mobile Broadband, Second Edition    Erik Dahlman, Stefan Parkvall and Johan Sköld    9780124199859
3    A Guide to Writing as an Engineer, Fourth Edition    David Beer and David McMurrey    9781118300275
4    AC Electric Motors Control—Advanced Design Techniques and Applications    Fouad Giri (ed)    9781118331521
5    Academic Press Library in Signal Processing—Array and Statistical Signal Processing, Volume 3    Rama Chellappa and Sergios Theodoridis (eds)    9780124115972
6    Academic Press Library in Signal Processing—Communications and Radar Signal Processing, Volume 2    Sergios Theodoridis (ed)    9780123965004
7    Academic Press Library in Signal Processing—Image, Video Processing and Analysis, Hardware, Audio, Acoustic and Speech Processing, Volume 4    Sergios Theodoridis (ed)    9780123965011
8    Acoustics and Audio Technology, Third Edition    Mendel Kleiner    9781604270525
9    Adaptive Filters—Theory and Applications, Second Edition    Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny    9781119979548
10    Advanced Aircraft Design—Conceptual Design, Analysis and Optimization of Subsonic Civil Airplanes    Egbert Torenbeek    9781118568118
11    Advanced Characterization Techniques for Thin Film Solar Cells    Daniel Abou-Ras, Thomas Kirchartz and Uwe Rau    9783527410033
12    Advanced Engineering and Computational Methodologies for Intelligent Mechatronics and Robotics    Shahin Sirouspour (ed)    9781466636347
13    Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics, Second Edition    Constantine A. Balanis    9780470589489
14    Advanced Materials Science and Engineering of Carbon    Michio Inagaki, Feiyu Kang, Masahiro Toyoda and Masahiro Toyoda    9780124077898
15    Advanced Mechanics of Composite Materials and Structural Elements, Third Edition    Valery V. Vasiliev and Evgeny V. Morozov    9780080982311
16    Advanced RF MEMS    Stepan Lucyszyn (ed)    9780521897716
17    Advanced Structural Damage Detection—From Theory to Engineering Applications    Tadeusz Stepinski, Tadeusz Uhl and Wieslaw Staszewski    9781118422984
18    Advanced Theory of Constraint and Motion Analysis for Robot Mechanisms    Jingshan Zhao, Zhijing Feng, Fulei Chu and Ning Ma    9780124201620
19    Advances in Applied Mechanics, Volume Forty Six    Stéphane P.A. Bordas (ed)    9780123965226
20    Advances in Heat Transfer, Volume Forty Five    Ephraim M. Sparrow, Young I. Cho, John P. Abraham and John P. Abraham (eds)    9780124078192
21    Aircraft Basic Science, Eighth Edition    Michael J. Kroes, James R. Rardon and Michael S. Nolan    9780071799171
22    Aircraft Powerplants, Eighth Edition    Thomas W. Wild and Michael J. Kroes    9780071799133
23    Aircraft Propulsion    Saeed Farokhi    9780470039069
24    Airport Systems—Planning, Design, and Management, Second Edition    Richard de Neufville, Richard de Neufville, Peter Belobaba and Tom Reynolds    9780071770583
25    All-In-One Civil Engineering PE Exam Guide—Breadth and Depth, Second Edition    Indranil Goswami    9780071787727
26    Aluminum–Lithium Alloys—Processing, Properties, and Applications    N. Eswara Prasad, Amol A. Gokhale and R.J.H. Wanhill    9780124016989
27    An Introduction to Dust Explosions—Understanding the Myths and Realities of Dust Explosions for a Safer Workplace    Paul Amyotte    9780123970077
28    An Introduction to Nuclear Waste Immobilisation, Second Edition    M.I. Ojovan and W.E. Lee    9780080993928
29    Analysis and Design of Shallow and Deep Foundations    Lymon C. Reese, William M. Isenhower and Shin-Tower Wang    9780471431596
30    Analysis of Turbulent Flows with Computer Programs, Third Edition    Tuncer Cebeci    9780080983356
31    Antenna Theory and Design, Third Edition    Warren L. Stutzman and Gary A. Thiele    9780470576649
32    Arctic Pipeline Planning—Design, Construction, and Equipment    Ramesh Singh    9780124165847
33    ASHRAE GreenGuide—Design, Construction, and Operation of Sustainable Buildings, Fourth Edition    ASHRAE    9781936504558
34    Atomic Layer Deposition—Principles, Characteristics, and Nanotechnology Applications, 2nd Edition    Tommi Kääriäinen, Tommi Kääriäinen, Marja-Leena Kääriäinen and Arthur Sherman    9781118062777
35    Aviation Maintenance Management, Second Edition    Harry A. Kinnison and Tariq Siddiqui    9780071805025
36    BACnet—The Global Standard for Building Automation and Control Networks    H. Michael Newman    9781606502884
37    Basics of Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Equilibria    Brian M. Tissue    9780470592083
38    Beta Nucleation of Polypropylene—Properties, Technology, and Applications    Philip Jacoby    9781455775453
39    BIM Handbook—A Guide to Building Information Modeling for Owners, Managers, Designers, Engineers, and Contractors, Second Edition    Chuck Eastman, Paul Teicholz, Rafael Sacks and Kathleen Liston    9780470541371
40    Bioenergy Research—Advances and Applications    Vijai K. Gupta, Maria G. Tuohy, Christian P. Kubicek, Jack Saddler and Feng Xu (eds)    9780444595614
41    Biofuels from Algae    Ashok Pandey, Duu-Jong Lee, Yusuf Chisti and Carlos R. Soccol    9780444595584
42    Biofuels—Alternative Feedstocks and Conversion Processes    Ashok Pandey, Christian Larroche, Christian Larroche, Christian Larroche and Christian Larroche (eds)    9780123850997
43    Biogas Production—Pretreatment Methods in Anaerobic Digestion    Ackmez Mudhoo    9781118062852
44    Biological Knowledge Discovery Handbook—Preprocessing, Mining, and Postprocessing of Biological Data    Mourad Elloumi and Albert Y. Zomaya (eds)    9781118132739
45    Biomass Gasification, Pyrolysis, and Torrefaction—Practical Design and Theory, Second Edition    Prabir Basu    9780123964885
46    Biomass-based Biocomposites    Vijay Kumar Thakur and Amar Singh Singha (eds)    9781847359810
47    Biopolymers—Reuse, Recycling, and Disposal    Michael Niaounakis    9781455731459
48    Biorefinery Co-Products—Phytochemicals, Primary Metabolites and Value-Added Biomass Processing    Chantal Bergeron, Danielle Julie Carrier and Shri Ramaswamy    9780470973578
49    Blowing Agents & Foaming Processes 2013    Smithers Rapra    9781909030428
50    Body Area Networks—Safety, Security, and Sustainability    Sandeep K. S. Gupta, Tridib Mukherjee and Krishna Kumar Venkatasubramanian    9781107021020
51    Building Type Basics for College and University Facilities, Second Edition    David J. Neuman    9781118008027
52    Building Valve Amplifiers, Second Edition    Morgan Jones    9780080966380
53    Ceramic Integration and Joining Technologies—From Macro to Nanoscale    Mrityunjay Singh, Tatsuki Ohji, Rajiv Asthana and Sanjay Mathur (eds)    9780470391228
54    Characteristics and Analysis of Non-Flammable Polymers    T.R. Crompton    9781847354679
55    Chemical Process Technology, Second Edition    Jacob A. Moulijn, Michiel Makkee and Annelies S. Van Diepen    9781444320251
56    Classical and Modern Engineering Methods in Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer—An Introduction for Engineers and Students    Abram Dorfman    9781606502693
57    Cleaning with Solvents—Science and Technology    John Durkee    9781455731312
58    CMOS Multichannel Single-Chip Receivers for Multi-Gigabit Optical Data Communications    Paul Muller and Yusuf Leblebici    9781402059117
59    Coal-Fired Power Generation Handbook    James G. Speight    9781118208465
60    Commercial Airplane Design Principles    Pasquale M. Sforza    9780124199538
61    Compact Multifunctional Antennas for Wireless Systems    Eng Hock Lim and Kwok Wa Leung    9780470407325
62    Composite Structures of Steel and Concrete—Beams, Slabs, Columns, and Frames for Buildings, Third Edition    R.P. Johnson    9781405100359
63    Computational Electromagnetics for RF and Microwave Engineering, Second Edition    David B. Davidson    9780521518918
64    Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction—Methods and Applications    Yuri Bazilevs, Kenji Takizawa and Tayfun E. Tezduyar    9780470978771
65    Computational Materials Science—Surfaces, Interfaces, Crystallization    A. M. Ovrutsky, A. S. Prokhoda and M. S. Rasshchupkyna    9780124201439
66    COMSOL for Engineers    Mehrzad Tabatabaian    9781938549533
67    Control of Power Inverters in Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Integration    Qing-Chang Zhong and Tomas Hornik    9780470667095
68    Control Systems Engineering, Sixth Edition    Norman S. Nise    9780470547564
69    Convection Heat Transfer, Fourth Edition    Adrian Bejan    9780470900376
70    Corrosing Protection against Carbon Dioxode    Michael Schütze, Bernd Isecke and Roman Bender (eds)    9783527331451
71    Corrosion Control in the Oil and Gas Industry    Sankara Papavinasam    9780123970220
72    Corrosion of Steel in Concrete—Prevention, Diagnosis, Repair, Second, Completely Revised and Enlarged Edition    Luca Bertolini, Bernhard Elsener, Pietro Pedeferri, Elena Redaelli and Rob Polder    9783527331468
73    Coupled-Oscillator Based Active-Array Antennas    Ronald J. Pogorzelski and Apostolos Georgiadis    9781118235294
74    Definitions, Concepts and Scope of Engineering Asset Management    Joe E. Amadi-Echendu, Kerry Brown, Roger Willet and Joseph Mathew    9781849961776
75    Deploying IPv6 in 3GPP Networks—Evolving Mobile Broadband from 2G to LTE and Beyond    Jouni Korhonen, Teemu Savolainen and Jonne Soininen    9781118398296
76    Desalination Engineering—Planning and Design    Nikolay Voutchkov    9780071777155
77    Design and Analysis of Composite Structures—With Applications to Aerospace Structures, Second Edition    Christos Kassapoglou    9781118401606
78    Design and Construction of Nuclear Power Plants    Rüdiger Meiswinkel, Julian Meyer and Jürgen Schnell    9783433030424
79    Design for Manufacturability—How to Use Concurrent Engineering to Rapidly Develop Low-Cost, High-Quality Products for Lean Production    David M. Anderson    9781482204926
80    Design of Fastenings for Use in Concrete—the CEN/TS 1992-4 Provisions    Rainer Mallée, Werner Fuchs and Rolf Eligehausen (eds)    9783433030448
81    Design of Modern Communication Networks—Methods and Applications    Christofer Larsson    9780124072381
82    Design Optimization of Active and Passive Structural Control Systems    Nikos D. Lagaros, Vagelis Plevris and Chara Ch. Mitropoulou (eds)    9781466620292
83    Destruction of Hazardous Chemicals in the Laboratory, Third Edition    George Lunn and Eric B. Sansone    9780470487556
84    Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging—Inside Out, Second Edition    Thomas L. Szabo    9780123964878
85    Digital Control Engineering—Analysis and Design, Second Edition    M. Sami Fadali and Antonio Visioli    9780123943910
86    Digital Video Processing for Engineers—A Foundation for Embedded Systems Design    Michael Parker and Suhel Dhanani    9780124157606
87    Digital Waveform Generation    Pete Symons    9781107020979
88    Direct-Chill Casting of Light Alloys—Science and Technology    John F. Grandfield, Dmitry G. Eskin and Ian F. Bainbridge    9781118022658
89    District Heating Guide    ASHRAE    9781936504435
90    Disturbance Observer-Based Control—Methods and Applications    Shihua Li, Jun Yang, Wen-Hua Chen and Xisong Chen    9781466515796
91    Domino Effects in the Process Industries—Modeling, Prevention and Managing    Genserik Reniers and Valerio Cozzani    9780444543233
92    Drinking Water Security for Engineers, Planners, and Managers—Integrated Water Security Series    Mary Kay Camarillo, William T. Stringfellow and Ravi Jain    9780124114661
93    Earthquake-Resistant Structures—Design, Build, and Retrofit    Mohiuddin Ali Khan    9781856175012
94    Electric and Hybrid Vehicles—Technologies, Modeling and Control—A Mechatronic Approach    Amir Khajepour, Saber Fallah and Avesta Goodarzi    9781118341513
95    Electrical Design of Overhead Power Transmission Lines    Masoud Farzaneh, Shahab Farokhi and William A. Chisholm    9780071771917
96    Electrospinning—Materials, Processing, and Applications    Joachim H. Wendorff, Seema Agarwal and Andreas Greiner    9783527320806
97    Elements of Structural Dynamics—A New Perspective    Debasish Roy and G. Visweswara Rao    9781118339626
98    Emerging Technologies for 3D Video—Creation, Coding, Transmission and Rendering    Frédéric Dufaux, Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu and Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu    9781118355114
99    Encapsulation Nanotechnologies    Vikas Mittal (ed)    9781118344552
100    Energy—Production, Conversion, Storage, Conservation, and Coupling    Yasºar Demirel    9781447123712
101    Engineering Economic Analysis, Tenth Edition    Donald G. Newnan, Jerome P. Lavelle and Ted G. Eschenbach    9780195335415
102    Engineering Tribology, Fourth Edition    Gwidon W. Stachowiak and Andrew W. Batchelor    9780123970473
103    Enhanced Oil Recovery Field Case Studies    James J. Sheng    9780123865458
104    Essentials of Positioning and Location Technology    David Bartlett    9781107006218
105    Exterior Analysis—Using Applications of Differential Forms    Erdogan Suhubi    9780124159020
106    Extractables & Leachables USA 2013    Smithers Rapra    9781909030664
107    Extrusion—The Definitive Processing Guide and Handbook, Second Edition    John R. Wagner Jr., Eldridge M. Mount III and Harold F. Giles Jr.    9781437734812
108    Fading and Interference Mitigation in Wireless Communications    Stefan R. Paniæ, Mihajlo Stefanoviæ, Jelena Anastasov and Petar Spaleviæ    9781466508415
109    Failure Analysis–A Practical Guide for Manufacturers of Electronic Components and Systems    Marius Bâzu and Titu Bãjenescu    9780470748244
110    Fast Chemical Reactions in Turbulent Flows—Theory and Practice    Rustam Ya Deberdeev et al.    9781909030275
111    Fatigue of Materials II—Advances and Emergences in Understanding    T.S. Srivatsan, M. Ashraf Imam and R. Srinivasan (eds)    9781118520932
112    Finite Element Analysis and Design of Metal Structures    Ehab Ellobody, Ran Feng and Ben Young    9780124165618
113    Finite Element Analysis—A Primer    S. M. Musa, A. V. Kulkarni and V. K. Havanur    9781938549342
114    Fischer – Tropsch Refining    Arno de Klerk    9783527326051
115    Flow-Induced Vibrations—Classifications and Lessons from Practical Experiences, Second Edition    Shigehiko Kaneko (ed) et al.    9780080983479
116    Fluid Dynamics of Oil Production    Bakytzhan Zhumagulov and Valentin Monakhov    9780124166356
117    Fluid-Structure Interactions—Slender Structures and Axial Flow, Volume 1, Second Edition    Michael P. Païdoussis    9780123973122
118    Foundations and Earth Retaining Structures    Muni Budhu    9780471470120
119    Foundations of Organic Chemistry—Unity and Diversity of Structures, Pathways, and Reactions    David R. Dalton    9780470479087
120    Fracking—The Operations and Environmental Consequences of Hydraulic Fracturing    Michael D. Holloway and Oliver Rudd    9781118496329
121    Fundamental Principles of Optical Lithography—The Science of Microfabrication    Chris Mack    9780470727300
122    Fundamentals of Electro-Optic Systems Design: Communications, Lidar, and Imaging    Sherman Karp and Larry B. Stotts    9781107021396
123    Fundamentals of Microelectronics, Second Edition    Behzad Razavi    9781118156322
124    Gas Turbine Emissions    Timothy C. Lieuwen and Vigor Yang    9780521764056
125    Gasification of Unconventional Feedstocks    James G. Speight    9780127999111
126    General Aviation Aircraft Design—Applied Methods and Procedures    Snorri Gudmundsson    9780123973085
127    Geophysics for Petroleum Engineers—Developments in Petroleum Science, Volume 60    Fred Aminzadeh and Shivaji N. Dasgupta    9780444506627
128    Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes—Ultrafast Relaxation Dynamics and Optics    Ermin Malic and Andreas Knorr    9783527411610
129    Graphene—Carbon in Two Dimensions    Mikhail I. Katsnelson    9780521195409
130    Green Power—Perspectives on Sustainable Electricity Generation    João Neiva de Figueiredo and Mauro F. Guillén (eds)    9781466590489
131    Grid Integration and Dynamic Impact of Wind Energy    Vijay Vittal and Raja Ayyanar    9781441993229
132    Grid Integration of Electric Vehicles in Open Electricity Markets    Qiuwei Wu    9781118446072
133    Guide to Mitigating Spacecraft Charging Effects    Henry B. Garrett and Albert C. Whittlesey    9781118186459
134    Guidelines for Auditing Process Safety Management Systems, Second Edition    Center for Chemical Process Safety    9780470282359
135    Guidelines for Managing Process Safety Risks During Organizational Change    Center for Chemical Process Safety    9781118379097
136    Handbook of Biopolymers and Biodegradable Plastics—Properties, Processing, and Applications    Sina Ebnesajjad    9781455728343
137    Handbook of Environmental Engineering Assessment—Strategy, Planning, and Management    Ravi Jain, Lloyd Urban, Harold Balbach and M. Diana Webb    9780123884442
138    Handbook of Liquefied Natural Gas    Saeid Mokhatab, John Y. Mak, Jaleel V. Valappil and David A. Wood    9780124045859
139    Handbook of Magnetic Materials, Volume 22    K.H.J. Buschow (ed)    9780444632913
140    Handbook of Marine Craft Hydrodynamics and Motion Control—Vademecum de Navium Motu Contra Aquas et de Motu Gubernando    Thor I. Fossen    9781119991496
141    Handbook of Measurement in Science and Engineering, Two Volume Set    Myer Kutz    9781118384633
142    Handbook of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers    Carmen Alvarez-Lorenzo and Angel Concheiro (eds)    9781847359605
143    Handbook of Polymer Applications in Medicine and Medical Devices    Kayvon Modjarrad and Sina Ebnesajjad (eds)    9780323228053
144    Handbook of Smoke Control Engineering    John H. Klote et al.    9781936504244
145    Handbook of Thermoset Plastics, Third Edition    Hanna Dodiuk and Sidney H. Goodman    9781455731077
146    Handbook of Troubleshooting Plastics Processes—A Practical Guide    John R. Wagner    9780470639221
147    Heat Pipes—Theory, Design and Applications, Sixth Edition    D.A. Reay, P.A. Kew and R.J. McGlen    9780080982663
148    Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Minichannels and Microchannels, Second Edition    Srinivas Garimella, Dongqing Li, Stéphane Colin and Michael R. King    9780080983462
149    Heterogeneous Cellular Networks    Rose Qingyang Hu and Yi Qian    9781119999126
150    Heterogeneous Networks in LTE-Advanced    Joydeep Acharya, Long Gao and Sudhanshu Gaur    9781118511862
151    High Frequency Over the Horizon Radar—Fundamental Principles, Signal Processing, and Practical Applications    Giuseppe Aureliano Fabrizio    9780071621274
152    HVAC Design Manual for Hospitals and Clinics, Second Edition    ASHRAE    9781936504398
153    Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals and Fluids Technology    Johannes Karl Fink    9780124114913
154    Hydrodynamics of Pumps    Christopher E. Brennen    9781107002371
155    Hydrogen Generation, Storage, and Utilization    Jin Zhong Zhang, Jinghong Li, Yat Li and Yiping Zhao    9781118140635
156    Image Registration—Principles, Tools and Methods    A. Ardeshir Goshtasby    9781447124573
157    Impedimetric Biosensors for Medical Applications—Current Progress and Challenges    Jo V. Rushworth et al.    9781606506363
158    Incidents That Define Process Safety    John Atherton and Frederic Gil    9780470122044
159    Industrial and Process Furnaces—Principles, Design and Operation, Second Edition    Peter Mullinger and Barrie Jenkins    9780080993775
160    Industrial Gas Flaring Practices    Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff    9781118237878
161    Industrial Organic Chemicals, Third Edition    Harold A. Wittcoff, Bryan G. Reuben and Jeffrey S. Plotkin    9780470537435
162    Industrial Problem Solving Simplified—An 8-Step Program    Ralph R. Pawlak    9781430265771
163    Informatics for Materials Science and Engineering—Data-Driven Discovery for Accelerated Experimentation and Application    Krishna Rajan    9780123943996
164    Innovative Graphene Technologies—Evaluation and Applications, Volume 2    Atul Tiwari and Alexander A. Balandin (eds)    9781909030220
165    In-Situ Characterization of Heterogeneous Catalysts    José A. Rodriguez, Jonathan C. Hanson and Peter J. Chupas    9781118000168
166    Intelligent Planning for Mobile Robotics—Algorithmic Approaches    Ritu Tiwari, Anupam Shukla and Rahul Kala    9781466620742
167    Internal Photoemission Spectroscopy—Fundamentals and Recent Advances, Second Edition    Valery V. Afanas'ev    9780080999296
168    Introduction to Audio Analysis—A MATLAB Approach    Theodoros Giannakopoulos and Aggelos Pikrakis    9780080993881
169    Introduction to Chemical Engineering Computing, Second Edition    Bruce A. Finlayson    9780470932957
170    Introduction to Geochemistry—Principles and Applications    Kula C. Misra    9781444350951
171    Introduction to Hybrid Vehicle System Modeling and Control    Wei Liu    9781118308400
172    Introduction to MIMO Communications    Jerry R. Hampton    9781107042834
173    Introduction to Naval Architecture, Fifth Edition    Eric C. Tupper    9780080982373
174    Introduction to Random Signals and Applied Kalman Filtering—With MATLAB Exercises, Fourth Edition    Robert Grover Brown and Patrick Y. C. Hwang    9780470609699
175    Intuitive Analog Circuit Design, Second Edition    Marc Thompson    9780124058668
176    Landslides in Practice—Investigations, Analysis, and Remedial/Preventative Options in Soils    Derek H. Cornforth    9780471678168
177    Laser Welding of Plastics    Rolf Klein    9783527409723
178    Lees' Process Safety Essentials—Hazard Identification, Assessment and Control    Sam Mannan    9781856177764
179    Linear Feedback Controls—The Essentials    Mark A. Haidekker    9780124058750
180    Lithium Batteries—Advanced Technologies and Applications    Bruno Scrosati, K. M. Abraham, Walter Van Schalkwijk and Jusef Hassoun (eds)    9781118183656
181    Lithium-Ion Batteries—Advances and Applications    Gianfranco Pistoia (ed)    9780444595133
182    LTE and the Evolution to 4G Wireless—Design and Measurement Challenges, Second Edition    Moray Rumney (ed)    9781119962571
183    LTE-Advanced—A Practical Systems Approach to Understanding the 3GPP LTE Releases 10 and 11 Radio Access Technologies    Sassan Ahmadi    9780124051621
184    Magnesium Technology 2011    Wim H. Sillekens, Sean R. Agnew, Neale R. Neelameggham and Suveen N. Mathaudhu (eds)    9781118029367
185    Materials Experience—Fundamentals of Materials and Design    Elvin Karana, Owain Pedgley and Valentina Rognoli    9780080993591
186    Matrix Methods in the Design Analysis of Mechanisms and Multibody Systems    John J. Uicker, Bahram Ravani and Pradip N. Sheth    9780521761093
187    Mechanical Design Engineering Handbook    Peter R.N. Childs    9780080977591
188    Medical Imaging Technology    Victor I. Mikla and Victor V. Mikla    9780124170216
189    Metal Failures—Mechanisms, Analysis, Prevention, Second Edition    Arthur J. McEvily    9781118163962
190    Micromechanics of Composites—Multipole Expansion Approach    Volodymyr I. Kushch    9780124076839
191    Microstructure-Sensitive Design for Performance Optimization    Brent L. Adams, Surya R. Kalidindi and David T. Fullwood    9780123969897
192    Modeling and Control of Engines and Drivelines    Lars Eriksson and Lars Nielsen    9781118479995
193    Modeling the Environment—Techniques and Tools for the 3D Illustration of Dynamic Landscapes    Bradley Cantrell and Natalie Yates    9780470902943
194    Modelling Freight Transport    Lóránt Tavasszy and Gerard de Jong    9780124104006
195    Modern Physical Metallurgy, Eighth Edition    R. E. Smallman and A. H. W. Ngan    9780080982045
196    Modern RF and Microwave Measurement Techniques    Valeria Teppati, Andrea Ferrero and Andrea Ferrero (eds)    9781107036413
197    Modern Spectroscopy, Fourth Edition    J. Michael Hollas    9780470844168
198    Molecular Sensors and Nanodevices—Principles, Designs and Applications in Biomedical Engineering    John X.J. Zhang and Kazunori Hoshino    9781455776313
199    Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for Supporting the Selection of Engineering Materials in Product Design    Ali Jahan and Kevin L. Edwards    9780080993867
200    Multi-Objective Optimization in Chemical Engineering—Developments and Applications    Gade Pandu Rangaiah and Adrián Bonilla-Petriciolet    9781118341667
201    Multiphase Flow Analysis Using Population Balance Modeling—Bubbles, Drops and Particles    Guan Heng Yeoh, Chi Pok Cheung and Jiyuan Tu    9780080982298
202    Name Reactions in Heterocyclic Chemistry II    Jie Jack Li and E. J. Corey    9780470085080
203    Nanofluidics and Microfluidics—Systems and Applications    Shaurya Prakash and Junghoon Yeom    9781437744699
204    Nanostructured Polymer Blends    Sabu Thomas, Robert Shanks and Sarathchandran Chandrasekharakurup (eds)    9781455731596
205    Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials in the Treatment of Life-Threatening Diseases—Nanomedicine, Diagnostics and Drug Delivery    Narendra Kumar and Rajiv Kumar    9780323264334
206    Nanotechnology Safety    Ramazan Asmatulu    9780444594389
207    Nanotube Superfiber Materials—Changing Engineering Design    Mark J. Schulz, Vesselin N. Shanov and Zhangzhang Yin (eds)    9781455778638
208    New Approaches to Image Processing Based Failure Analysis of Nano-Scale ULSI Devices    Zeev Zalevsky, Pavel Livshits and Eran Gur    9780323241434
209    Next Generation Mobile Broadcasting    David Gómez-Barquero (ed)    9781439898666
210    Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics—Transport and Rate Processes in Physical, Chemical and Biological Systems, Third Edition    Yasar Demirel    9780444595577
211    Offshore Pipelines—Design, Installation, and Maintenance, Second Edition    Boyun Guo, Shanhong Song, Ali Ghalambor and Tian Ran Lin    9780123979490
212    Oil and Gas Corrosion Prevention—From Surface Facilities to Refineries    James G. Speight    9780128003466
213    Oil Spill Remediation—Colloid Chemistry-Based Principles and Solutions    Ponisseril Somasundaran, Partha Patra, Raymond S. Farinato and Kyriakos Papadopoulos    9781118206706
214    Optical Antennas    Mario Agio and Andrea Alù    9781107014145
215    Optical Fiber Telecommunications VIA—Components and Subsystems, Sixth Edition    Ivan P. Kaminow, Tingye Li and Alan E. Willner    9780123969583
216    Optical Fiber Telecommunications VIB—Systems and Networks, Sixth Edition    Ivan P. Kaminow, Tingye Li and Alan E. Willner (eds)    9780123969606
217    Organic Mechanisms—Reactions, Methodology, and Biological Applications    Xiaoping Sun    9781118065648
218    Organic Nanomaterials—Synthesis, Characterization, and Device Applications    Tomás Torres and Giovanni Bottari    9781118016015
219    PEM Fuel Cells—Theory and Practice, Second Edition    Frano Barbir    9780123877109
220    PEM Fuel Cells—Thermal and Water Management Fundamentals    Yun Wang, Ken S. Chen and Sung Chan Cho    9781606502457
221    Performance Measurement Protocols for Commercial Buildings—Best Practices Guide    ASHRAE    9781936504343
222    Personal Protective Equipment for Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Hazards—Design, Evaluation, and Selection    Eva F. Gudgin Dickson    9780470165584
223    Photonic Signals and Systems    Nabeel A. Riza    9780071700795
224    Physics of Gas–Liquid Flows    Thomas J. Hanratty    9781107041202
225    Pipeline Integrity Handbook—Risk Management and Evaluation    Ramesh Singh    9780123878250
226    Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook—A Manual of Quick, Accurate Solutions to Everyday Pipeline Engineering Problems, Eighth Edition    E.W. McAllister    9780123876935
227    Piping and Pipeline Calculations Manual—Construction, Design Fabrication and Examination, Second Edition    J. Phillip Ellenberger    9780124167476
228    Plastics Additives and Testing    Muralisrinivasan Natamai Subramanian    9781118118900
229    Plumbing, Electricity, Acoustics—Sustainable Design Methods for Architecture    Norbert Lechner    9781118014752
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