Friday, February 19, 2010

Have a safe journey with Sat Nav Systems

Having a GPS In-car Satellite Navigation Systems in your car allows you to travel faster and easier, even to an unknown destination. With the help of navigation systems, you can plan your travel route to make it quicker, shorter by avoiding busy roads and traffic congestion. The in-built GPS receiver helps you to determine the accurate location over the map and offers visual guidance and clear spoken instructions in a chosen language to reach your preferred destination. With good driving directions, this intelligent device can save you money by directing you away from toll zones. Choosing a good navigation device entirely depends on how frequent you use it, and what functions you expect.

If you use occasionally or rarely, perhaps for holiday, it is better to select for a basic Satellite Navigation System with essential navigation features: like touch sensitive colour screen, preloaded street maps (2D and 3D) and good pre-installed database of Points of Interests (POI). When taking long road trips, you can program the pre-installed Points of Interests to tell you when a specific rest stop, car park or cinema halls, gas station, restaurant, or hotel is coming up on the road. Versatile satellite navigation system should provide you clear and accurate voice navigation instructions. The touch sensitive colour screen should be wide to enable easy navigation and they should be easily upgradeable. There must be sufficient internal storage, so the provision of SD expansion slots is a requirement.

For more frequent daily use, you should choose the lightweight, compact and portable Satellite Navigation System that comes with many advanced features - real time traffic alerts, alerts over speed cameras in the traffic, live weather updates, IQ routes, hands-free calling via Bluetooth, enhanced positioning technology, LIVE services, fuel prices, eco routes, active dock, advanced lane guidance, HD traffic, safety alerts, local search with Google, text to speech and enhanced POI. This smart device should be able to recommend driving breaks, remind you of road rules and regulations, alert you when approaching places of worship or schools as well as about unpaved roads. For further safety, it should alert you about the upcoming safety cameras occurring en-route. Also it can warn you whenever you exceed the specified speed limit, hence preventing you from being pulled over for speeding issues. Driving to your favourite destinations, locating speed cameras and viewing maps becomes an easy and interesting affair.

Sat Nav Systems is a popular, intelligent driving navigation aids in UK and Europe. Where can you buy an incredibly accurate, reliable and easy to use Sat Navs Systems? Try Unbeatable United Kingdom. They carry wide range of Sat Nav Systems and devices from major satellite navigation brands like TomTom, Garmin, Sony and Navman. You can compare prices from many diverse product line at affordable prices ( with exclusive sat nav discount codes ) and this makes shopping for In-car Satellite Navigation Systems easier and cheaper.

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