Thursday, January 7, 2010

Watch Spiderman on Broadway - Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark

Who's your favourite comic superhero character? Superman, hulk or spiderman. I like spiderman. Spider-Man is a unique superhero. Unlike Superman, who has extraterrestrial origins, Spider-Man is quite human. Spiderman derives his miraculous power, thanks to a school visit to a science lab, where he becomes the victim of a genetically altered spider, whose bite suddenly gives him spider-like powers. However, he has in common with Superman, as a successful screen super-hero who is estranged from his peers. With his super strength and agility, he crawls up walls, shoot webs from his wrists and swings from building to building effortlessly. He doesn't leap tall buildings in a single bound, but he can sure climb over them pretty fast. He also possesses a "spider-sense" that warns him of danger.

With well drawn characters, decent script, calculated casting, amazing special effects, and great humor, the Spiderman movie was surely exhilarating , enthralling, exciting, and entertaining for family of all ages. "Spider-man" captures the spirit of the comics perfectly with humor that allows the viewer to gloss over any potential cheesiness to these characters. From beginning to end, the show delivered great action, great effects, and great suspense. After watching Spiderman on comic or movie, try to watch it on Broadway Theatre, New York. The highly-anticipated Spider-Man finally swings its way into theaters with spectacular, crowd-pleasing stuff. Watch "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" starring Alan Cumming and Evan Rachel Wood on Hilton Theatre New York, NY.

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